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11/03/2010 12:37:45 •••

Caellach Tiger Eye's review

Intrigued by the premise of this AU, I anxiously decided to try it — knowing full well that a good idea did not always make for a well-written story. Sometime it does, though, and this is one of those times. The author has constructed a very plausible interpretation of the NGE storyline occurring a century earlier. Archangel38 has Shown His Work by carefully analysing and interpreting the world powers of the time, as well as the political systems, the technological level (such that the EVA Units are miraculously plausible even in 1915), the cultural and social nature of early 20th Century Japan, and everything else — in a way which feels incredibly and surprisingly realistic without seeming like an ass-pull. The battles are described very well, in a way which not only feels consistent, but keeps the Angels from looking weak while facing lesser technology, and most importantly they don't feel like a chore to read. And the characters are very well-interpreted so far — they have elements of their canonical selves very much present, and yet are adjusted in a sense which feels correct to the time period. While only one chapter has been published so far, I was intensly engrossed by the writing style, which can draw in a patient reader like a bee to nectar. And though there isn't much dialogue yet, the world-building is, as I have said, very creative and intrinsically constructed. Not to mention being true to Japanese society of the time. I definitely recommend this one despite it still being in the early stages.

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