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05/07/2020 11:43:42 •••

A great show that was turned into a franchise that should have never have become a franchise.

First off, let me say how much I LOVE the original series. The first four seasons were brilliant. The storylines were great and the writing gets funnier over time. I sympathized with Chuckie, found most of Angelica's humor hilarious and glad Susie was added to give the babies an older ally against Angelica's nastier antics. I found myself as interested in the adults as much as the babies, particularly Angelica's shallow and overambitious parents Drew and Charlotte, Cool Old Guy patriarch Lou, Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy duo Betty and Howard and the long-suffering Butt-Monkey Chaz. Some of their best episodes include "At The Movies", "Pickles vs. Pickles", "Reptar on Ice", "Angelica Breaks a Leg", "Family Feud", "Cool Hand Angelica", "Susie vs. Angelica", "The Incredible Mr. Friend", "Tommy and the Secret Club" and "The Word of the Day" (all memes aside, and if you haven't seen any these episodes, do yourself a favor and enjoy. Or if you're like me and you've seen them plenty of times, go watch them again and have a good laugh or five on me).

That said, to me it started to go off the rails for me when the first movie came out, and yes I am talking about the introduction of Dil. I don't (and still don't to this day) like him. Unattractive appearance and stupid name aside, why add a baby who can't do anything, including talk, which was, y'know, the show's hook. He reminds me of Max from Pokémon, a Tagalong Kid who since they're too young to participate in the show's main premise, ends up being a boring Load who isn't germane to the plot.

Also, while I do like Rugrats in Paris because I like the Kimmy character for being adorable and her strong relationship with Chuckie, Rugrats Go Wild was pointless to me. Why were they even in the world of The Wild Thornberrys anyway? To give them better ratings? FWIW, I like the show, but i didn't like how Nickelodeon shoehorned in their then-biggest cash cow into a "lesser" Nicktoon (and I'm not alone on that: the lackluster reception guaranteed that there would be no more Rugrats films). All Grown Up lacked a lot the charm that made the first show success and that Pre-School Daze nonsense was a lazy and shameless attempt to squeeze one last drop out of the golden goose.

Thank God for the old DVDs. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to make some chocolate pudding.

05/07/2020 00:00:00

I didn\'t mind Dil too much, he was largely there to give Tommy someone to be protective towards, but the problem is, that\'s pretty much all he exists for.

I do agree the writing dumbed down after the first four, maybe even three, seasons, likely because they got rid of one of their top writers (Paul Germain conflicted a lot with Klasky Cuspo but I think that bounce off of ideas did make a great series initially, weird how early Nick shows tended to have this issue).

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