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05/02/2020 23:40:39 •••

I like it more than the first because...

...I didn't have such high expectations. Ironically, it seems the surprise factor is what blew everyone away in the first movie. Review-town ensured the opposite happened for me.

But it's got what made the first awesome. Snappy animation, a cavalcade of comedy, a catchy song or ten, and that cathartic feel of rapid-fire Lego assembly. Personally, I liked its theme better than the first's. I feel like I should have seen the twist coming, but I'm not sure it made sense. Then again, Time Travel never makes sense.

So yeah, I liked it.


...WHAT?! You want something more profound? Something super clever and poetic? Some high and mighty philosophical waxing on the concepts of creativity and friendship?

Well, maybe I don't want to do that! Maybe I'm sick of trying to sound so significant! Maybe I don't want to keep trying to be like the next Roger Ebert or something, and just want to ignore my insecurities and simply talk about something I liked in a world where pleasures are looking increasingly pointless and fleeting! But isn't that kind of the point: you have to take a risk and be willing to open up to others, because even if it hurts, being alone sucks more?

Anyways, I liked this movie. It will be a part of my heart. And I know that sounds really really stupid and corny, but if you watch the thing, it'll sound better, trust me.

05/02/2020 00:00:00

I don\'t expect TV Tropes reviewers to emulate professional film critics. In fact, this can be a good thing, since some of the film critics I\'ve read in publications like the New York Times mainly focus on the artistic merits/failings of the films they review, and put less emphasis on whether they think you should see it (at least in my opinion).

That said, spending half the review defensively ranting about your style doesn\'t help you make your point. In fact, people are more likely to judge you as unfocused and overly concerned with what people think of you, which makes them less likely to take you seriously.

Perhaps I sound like one of the judgmental people you dislike, but I personally take reviews seriously. Reviews can potentially influence the uninitiated when they decide whether or not to try out a new series, and the better-written a review is, the more likely it is to have the effect that you hope. As such, I try to write my reviews as well as possible when I like or dislike something enough to write a review (and often write reviews for works that don\'t have any reviews on TV Tropes), and I hope this advice is useful for you, too.

05/02/2020 00:00:00

I was partly being satirical. And it was honestly intended to be at my expense. Perhaps I didn't convey that well enough. While I did spend half the review on that, I really don't have more to say.

I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking with that rant, but I personally think any and all emotional reactions you get consuming a work should be on the table for reviewing. But I suppose I could have communicated mine better.

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