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02/26/2020 09:42:38 •••

A Great Film, Though It Could Be Better

Before anyone starts trashing me, I'd like to say that I do like this movie a lot. I just feel that certain things weren't handled as well as they could've been, or should've been done differently.

For the good, the dialogue and interactions were perfect. Special mention to Nick and Judy's bantering, and Nick's sarcasm, which are easily the main sources of comedy and levity in the film. And the theme of racism was presented beautifully. It is obvious, but not detrimentally so, and the actual message of the film, that prejudice isn't one-sided, is brilliantly concealed behind the cliched "prejudice is bad" moral until the final act. And Nick and Judy are very well-written, with their nearly-identical backstories yet vastly different reactions to them making them excellent foils. Heck, Nick is one of my favorite characters ever, and while Judy is a little flat, what she has is used excellently. The backgrounds are also incredibly well-done, with so much detail that I manage to find something new every time I watch the movie.

As for the bad, the jokes start to feel repetitive after a while, with most falling into the categories "animal acts like stereotype", "animal doesn't act like stereotype", "animal pun", or "pop-culture reference". For example, the movie contains an extended Godfather reference, which really lost it's steam for me after the third rewatch, and an overly long gag featuring slow sloths that, while meant to be painfully amusing, just ends up coming off as frustrating. There's also one particular gag that was clearly only included to ensure a PG rating, as nothing else comes off as that risque.

The other major point of contention I have is how the plot-mandated friendship failure is handled. Usually, there is a precursor incident that strains the friendship prior to the failure, but Zootopia doesn't have one, and if anything, Nick and Judy's relationship strengthened prior to the failure, so it feels really sudden. There's also the fact that the thing Nick calls Judy out on, which was unintentional on her end, was something he spent the first half of the film doing very deliberately to rile her up, which makes Nick come off as a hypocrite, which the movie never addresses, instead portraying Judy as entirely in the wrong and Nick in the right, and while Judy apologizes for unknowingly hurting his feelings, Nick never apologizes for purposely dragging her through the mud.

So all in all, Zootopia is a very good movie, and does a lot of things right, but it does leave a bit to be desired and is far from perfect.

02/26/2020 00:00:00

Nick acted the way society expected of him on the first half. He felt hurt and betrayed because Judy, who was all about being the person you want to be and making him actually want to try, threw predators under the bus, essencially saying it only applied to her kind. That\'s why at the end of the movie she showed she believed and trusted him enough to put bite her throat and not kill her.

02/26/2020 00:00:00

But that doesn\'t make Nick purposely throwing Judy under the bus and sabotaging her okay. That\'s what I was trying to get at. Even after Nick realizes that she really is a good cop, he never truly apologizes or suffers any consequences, and the movie completely glosses over his behavior after he opens up, which I find strange since he clearly knew that Judy was offended by his ribbing, and clearly felt bad about it when he saw Bogo bully her into resigning. In the end, the whole thing struck me as a double standard which made Nick unintentionally unsympathetic in that scene.

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