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02/18/2020 12:13:38 •••

Overused cliche of First Girl Win in harem genre

Firstly, it is important for me to stay in neutrality for this issue as even I have my preferred pairings for this manga but I will not let it influenced this writing of mine. Also I try to be brief for this opinion of mine.

Okay. I have seen alot of manga series that have a romantic plot and the used of First Girl Wins in effect inside of them. To be truth, I can be tolerated for that. But, the usage of First Girl Wins in harem genre starting to get the nerve of me.

I'm not seeing much harem manga nowadays but I definitely have my own prefernces like [[Manga/Nisekoi]], [1], Go Toubun manga and We Can't Learn manga I have several more but these manga is primary focus for this issue.

After the revelation of Nariyuki have feelings towards her childhood friend the internet exploded by this revelation and even claiming the author pulled off a Nisekoi move. Despite the aforementioned mangas were Balanced Harem, those manga always favored the first girl the main character met in their life (not necessarily a childhood friend)

Even as this writing goes by, I barely hold myself off of being bias for this sort of thing and I am sympathized for the rest of female characters that realized their feelings a little too late. Weird isn't? Having a sympathy towards fictional female characters?

02/18/2020 00:00:00

I canít pretend I donít sympathize, despite my other lack of familiarity with the subject matter, but I feel like this is the kind of thing that works better as a form post than a review. It only really looks at the romantic resolution and how much it bothers you that one character comes out on top by birthright when the focus is supposed to be on the colorful and charming personalities and the tension of who is going to end up in a relationship. It doesnít examine the visuals, sound, or other aspects of the storytelling like humor/action/drama. And to be honest, the English and grammar are clunky and not up to par.

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