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02/17/2020 17:04:57 •••

Playing the game is required before watching the anime.

Or perhaps that isn't necessarily required. Maybe people who played Magia Record first are meant to be the demographic anyhow. Regardless I have completed Chapter 3 of the original story and I have this to say about the game:

Ever since watching the original series earlier this year, I found myself head over heels over the franchise. So when I found out that a mobile game featuring every magical girl from the manga was on the Play Store, I decided to give it a go. (Please note that I haven't been able to watch the Rebellion movie yet, so I might miss out on some things.)

I find it surprising that we are shown a scenario where Homura and the rest of Madoka's friends are portrayed as side characters who migrated to another city. The fact that witches are still around implies that this is a timeline where nobody made a world rewriting wish that erased them. (Which goes to show just how much of a Side Story this game is.) Inevitably, this also means the main characters are not going to be the Holy Quintet. We start out with Iroha Tamaki, a magical girl who seems to be the only person who remembers her sister Ui. On the surface she looks like a Madoka look alike, but her longer hair and not so frilly attire suggest otherwise.

The mechanics of this game are simple enough to understand. You have a 3 by 3 table which you place 5 girls on. Since this is a gacha game, you are bound to get a bunch of girls that you don't have enough time to max out, so it mostly comes down to preference. That leads up to the "Magical Girl Stories," in which you get to understand each of them in better detail. You might need to grind with them a bit though. "Another Story" also shows how the Holy Quintet moved to Kamihamiha City where much of the story happens. There's also the Mirror battles, in which you test your setup of girls against other players' setups, which rewards you with coins that you buy enhancing items and cosmetics with. Cutscenes are shown in visual novel form, which gives off a cute feeling.

The anime doesn't explore the characters as thoroughly, but it does serve as a good cherry on the cake, so to speak. Iroha's story is shown in better detail, and watching each episode after playing each chapter puts a good feeling in my heart. The game does a better job of showing what the characters are thinking and the anime does a better job of showing what they are doing. I give both 8/10 when experienced simultaneously.

02/16/2020 00:00:00

I come here ready to disagree, but then you backtrack in literally the first sentence. Why would you title it that, then?

02/17/2020 00:00:00

I\'ve been hearing people say that the anime seemed bad without actually playing the game that it was based off. Would it be necessary to suggest that they do so first?

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