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01/31/2020 21:14:48 •••

The Franchise in Review

The Prequels: Bad.

The Originals: Garbage.

The Sequels: Meh.

The Mandalorian: The Only Good One.

The Most Irredeemable Part: The Godforsaken Toxic Cesspool of Hatred that Calls Itself a Fandom.

I hate this series, and all of its fans, with a burning passion.

I liked it once. It was a fun and wonderful series. Then the fandom ruined it for me. Thanks for nothing, Star Wars.

01/31/2020 00:00:00

And Rebels or Resistance? What did you think about those TV shows that still connect to the overall story? And don't forget about Clone Wars season 7!

01/31/2020 00:00:00

The review already has all nine films, both spinoff movies so far, Clone Wars and the Mandalorian. While there are 868 characters left, I doubt the reviewer could go into very much detail about the three of those with only about 289 characters each.

The review does a good job of concisely saying whether each installment is worth watching, but not much about why or why not. Perhaps a review of the series as a whole, as opposed to each installment, might have worked better.

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