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01/12/2020 06:31:16 •••

So, you have a TV Tropes review for me?

Screenwriter: Yes sir I do.

Producer: Great, what is it?

S: Well it's for this series of short comedic videos where a screenwriter and a producer discuss a proposal for a film that recently came out.

P: Great. Who could we get to produce this?

S: I was thinking Screen Rant.

P: What kind of stuff do they already do?

S: Oh you know, videos with big red circles and arrows in the thumbnail and names like '17 Things You Missed in the Aquaman Trailer'.

P: So, garbage?

S: Exactly sir, garbage.

P: So what would set this series apart from every other nitpicky internet series out there?

S: Well I was thinking that unlike them, we could actually... be funny.

P: Oh, really?

S: Yeah I figure that instead of acting as if we're the self-appointed arbiters of objective quality, we could just try to make people laugh.

P: And you really think having one good series will be enough to make Screen Rant seem relevant?

S: Well it worked out for The Escapist.

P: Fair enough, so tell me more about this series!

S: Well it features a screenwriter and a producer and they're both hilarious.

P: Alright, I don't like where this is going.

S: Well the screenwriter is a complete idiot who doesn't understand how films work.

P: I feel like there's some subtext here but go on?

S: And then there's the producer, who sometimes points out the problems with the film, but other times he's the idiot who doesn't understand how films work.

P: Wow, I feel personally attacked; I considered us friends and that's really hurtful.

S: Oh whoops.

P: Whoopsie! So anyway, is it going to be hard to make that entertaining?

S: Actually it's going to be super-easy, barely an inconvenience.

P: Oh, really?

S: Yeah, by focusing on Rapid-Fire Comedy and switching between jokes about the film and jokes about the quirky behaviour of the characters, we should be able to make a consistently entertaining series.

P: Wow wow wow. Do you have anyone in mind to play these roles?

S: No, I thought we'd just get the same person to play them both.

P: Why would we do that?

S: Because it's funnier that way!

P: Is it?

S: Maybe. So anyway, every episode will end with an ironic cut to an article about the film they were talking about.

P: Oh, I like that, it could be like a dig at how film media are always trying to force drama out of every-

S: And the screenshots will be of Screen Rant articles.

P: Oh ok.

S: So yeah, what do you think?

P: Well I kind of like it, but I have one big concern.

S: What's that?

P: Well, Pitch Meetings already did this themselves, a self-deprecating look at their own premise. So isn't this review just a rip-off of a joke that they already did?

S: Well sir, I can explai-

Too long! TVTropes reviews are limited to 3,000 characters.

01/12/2020 00:00:00

...Well, this addresses many of my concerns about the concept and has me interested. Thanks!

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