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12/07/2019 10:47:47 •••

Probably fun for a Soulsborne fanatic. Otherwise, it's a frustrating slog.

I was looking forward to this one so much. Finally EA has graced us with a single-player, story-driven, microtransaction-free Star Wars game.

So, how did they manage to screw this up?

Well, they didn't. Not if you look at the glowing reviews from fans and critics alike. The consensus seems to be that it's one of the best Star Wars products since Disney acquired the franchise, and if you're a fan of Soulsborne style games, you'll probably agree. However, if they're not your cup of tea, do yourself a favor and give this one a pass.

- Combat is hard. While not unbearable on the first levels, it gets punishingly difficult later on. Now, contrary to most Souls-lites, this game has a Story Mode... which is an utter joke. You can't just hack and slash your way through the enemies and enjoy the story with, as the game promisses, "minimal challenge". Enemy AI remains smart, you still have to struggle and learn their attack patterns. Why even call it a story mode? In any other game, this would be medium difficulty at the very least.

- Controls are often unresponsive during combat. I can mash the mouse button all I want, and, instead of attacking, just stands there waiting for the enemy to slice him up.

- No autosave. When you get killed (which you will pretty often), you respawn at the nearest save point. When that happens, have fun repeating fifteen minutes of gameplay you just lost. The enemies respawn with you, by the way.

- Backtracking. Holly Dark Side, the backtracking. In game, you visit a series of planets, and after you finish each one of them, you're expected to make it all the way back to your ship. That's right, you have to go through the same route again, defeating the same rash mobs you've already mowed down before. There are shortcuts, but they only help so much.

- The map is borderline useless. Oh, how I miss the convenient mini-maps in the lower corner of every Assassin's Crees title. Why couldn't Fallen Order just get one of those?!

- Protagonist is a standard, bland hero. Nothing to see here.

Granted, there are some positives. Platforming is fun, graphics is pleasing to the eye, and I can't really judge the story, as I have not managed to finish the damn thing yet (on the so called "Story Mode"). Probably never will.

I can only hope that EA won't take the Soulsborne route for their next Star Wars game.

11/27/2019 00:00:00

So \"story mode\" is a difficulty setting on this game?

And the main complaint is the game isn\'t easy enough? Or \"minimally challenging\" enough?

11/27/2019 00:00:00

I think it\'s mostly that he doesn\'t like the style of gameplay it uses. Most of the people I\'ve heard from seem to think that bumping the difficulty down a few pegs makes it more bearable, but if he just hates Dark Souls clones, I can understand how he might not necessarily enjoy one even with the difficulty taken down a few pegs.

12/06/2019 00:00:00

Fanfictionlurker1, I agree with your assessment. I don't care for the punishing difficulty of Souls-like games. With this one, I started out on "Jedi Knight" difficulty but had to downgrade to "Story" difficulty because I found it too frustrating.

12/07/2019 00:00:00

As one of those soulsborne fans, I fully understand. I welcome more games adopting it's more methodical combat style, but I feel more often than not, they take too much from it, to the point that it feels like Dark Souls: _______ edition.

The enemies respawn with you, by the way.

I feel this is part of the reason Souls games were such a hit. In the era just before Demon souls and Dark souls and way before the idea of live-services, games were getting rather easy and like they were rushing you to finish. I get all enemies respawning when you reach a bonfire equivalent is not for all games, but dying is another story. You failed, you didn't conquer the challenge, try again. Enemies staying dead is more akin to chipping away at the game.

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