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01/12/2020 20:12:35 •••

Good but could have been Great (Spoilers Allowed)

So, I got to see Terminator: Dark Fate when it came out and I have to say that I actually really liked it! The action was good, the characters were likeable, no one is stupid for the sake of the plot and the plot is easy to follow instead of the convoluted messes we got in the last 3 Terminator films (and even the Sarah Connor Chronicles in my honest opinion).

However, it's still not as good as T1 or T2 as there's one thing holding it from reaching the same heights, the film needed more time. More time with Dani's family, more time with Carl's family, more time between Sarah, Dani, Grace & Carl interacting and more time with each character. TDF run time is 2 hours and 8 minutes but I really think this should have been 2 hours and 30 to 35 minutes because as is, it's good. But with just a little more time it could have been Amazing.

It's not like The Last Jedi where I spend more time yelling at the characters for acting stupid or forcing relationships that come out of nowhere and make less sense the more you think about it. Again everyone here Is avoiding doing stupid things and the relationships feel real thanks in part to the cast's chemistry. I honestly didn't want to see anything bad happen to the characters and felt bad when things didn't go their way.

I honestly say check it out if you get the chance, it's a fun ride start to finish and hopefully this film has or gets a Extended cut that gives the characters a bit more downtime but just on its own, it still a good movie.

01/12/2020 00:00:00

Thank you! I enjoyed it as well, by viewing this as the final chapter in Sarah\'s storyline.

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