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10/14/2019 20:58:26 •••

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 - Jason Todd

While I've given my review on Linkara as a whole, I'd like to give my review on one of his more... controversial episodes: Red Hood and the Outlaws #1. Why is it controversial? Because this was the episode where he highlighted his feelings on Red Hood. Before that though, what of the review itself? Well, its a damn good review. A lot of the points he makes about this garbage first issue are accurate, and while it does repeat a lot of what had been said about the issue, he adds a bit of humor to it, and even brings up a nice little strip from Shortpacked about it to demonstrate how much it ultimately pissed people off, especially its treatment of Starfire and Arsenal.

Now there is one thing I had issue with. Namely, his feelings on Red Hood.

  • Now yes, he is free to his opinions. But he says the Red Hood only works as a foil to Batman, basically another member to the Rogues Gallery with a more personal connection to Bruce, and that otherwise, Jason is a boring asshat.
  • Problem with that line of thinking though, is that just because he doesn't fit Linkara's ideas of interesting, he doesn't think he works as an Anti-Hero.
Linkara: He's not cool. He's not jokey enough to be funny. And he's got daddy issues up the wazoo when it comes to Batman. Jason Todd is not an Anti-Hero, he's a tool! An annoying, grim, boring, tool!
Here's the thing, most of the reasons he lists for disliking Jason are purely subjective, wouldn't make sense for his character, don't disqualify him from being an Anti-Hero, and come across as hypocritical when Batman has the same traits.
  • He's revenge driven but not insane, so why would he be jokey?
  • Why wouldn't he have daddy issues when his dad is Bruce?
  • Even if he's a "tool", how does that not make him an Anti-Hero? An Anti-Hero is defined as a character who does heroic acts but acts in a more morally grey manner to do so. So how does being unpleasant suddenly make him not one?

A lot of the reasons he listed seems kinda hypocritical when Batman has the same traits. And yet Linkara loves Bruce while disliking Jason.

  • Outside of campy comics, Batman isn't jokey.
  • He's no cooler than Red Hood when he's a grown man dressed up like a giant bat who beats up people with his money while Red Hood is a guy in a biker outfit with a red helmet carrying all the guns.
  • He's rather grim and can be the quite the tool sometimes.
  • All he's missing is the daddy issues.
It's fine if Linkara doesn't like Jason Todd for those very reasons, but they shouldn't be used to say he doesn't work as an Anti-Hero when they don't apply, and shouldn't be the only reason when there are characters with those traits he does like.

10/14/2019 00:00:00

...See, I really want to tear into this. It\'s barely a review, and so barely deserves to be here, rather than in some forum, somewhere, complaining about a person\'s disliking something you like while only looking over the episode you\'re claiming to examine in the most cursory fashion. You literally spend most of it going after a single sentence, then actually review the rest of the video in a single sentence!

And you don\'t really refute his point, which is that Jason Todd doesn\'t work as his own man since everything about him and his world revolves around Batman, or that every attempt to make him go solo has quickly degenerated into trying to sell the adolescent fantasy of guilt-free sex and violence to horrible people.

You even deliberately distort the facts in an effort to create parallels that either aren\'t there or are only in the most cursory possible fashion in an effort to create false-equivalences in an effort to further attack him for not particularly liking a flavor of character you\'re clearly into. All of your comparisons with Batman, for instance, are lazy and shallow, neither digging into the process of creating an appealing anti-heroic character or examining why Linkara might\'ve listed those qualities while discussing how to create an appealing but anti-heroic protagonist.

That or you somehow missed his overall point, which is that Jason Todd is just not an especially interesting character outside of his relationship with Batman, and has neither the personality or charisma to carry his own book as an anti-heroic protagonist. Hence why he calls him a tool, and contrasts him with Batman who, while sharing many of his qualities, is and does.

...Goddamn it. I\'m doing it again.

This is not a very good review, and it\'s a terrible argument. There, now I\'ve done it in one sentence, and the circle is complete.

10/14/2019 00:00:00

We\'ve reached peak meta. A review of someone else\'s review.

10/14/2019 00:00:00

Okay. That\'s it. Spectral Time, I\'ve sent you a message, cause this is getting frustrating.

10/14/2019 00:00:00

I don\'t see what the drama is about. Spectral\'s counter argument isn\'t wrong about your review as far as I can tell.

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