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10/11/2019 06:40:39 •••

It ruined my evening and my S.O. blamed himself for it when he did nothing wrong.

I was never all that interested in the Mario Maker series. I only got this game because I wanted to try something my boyfriend made in it. I was promptly driven to murderous rage because of the numerous godawful design choices that ruined his levels because of stuff he had no control over. But that, I will get into detail about later. For now, let's start from the beginning.

The level creation tools are incredibly limited and clunky. There is no option to make your brush bigger, you can't connect existing pipes as warp pipes, slopes have to be implemented as objects instead of simply being able to draw them, you can only have one checkpoint per map, and two maps per level, you can't mouse over the objects to select them- you have to use the touch screen, and dragging something to make it larger has an annoying tendency to bring your finger to the edge of the screen, making it start scrolling and meaning you accidentally make the object bigger or smaller than you wanted.

The search feature, while a step up from the first game, is still garbage. Still no option to search for level or user names, and the tags are user-defined, meaning they can be quite nebulous.

The gameplay itself is littered with infuriating aspects that really have no place in a platformer. Builder Mario picks up his own boxes if you run over one empty handed, so using them to plug gaps is almost useless, and trying to do so is incredibly difficult, since you can't drop them at your feet and there's no throwing arc for precision. Also, his hammer makes him slide to a stop, leaving him vulnerable to attacks for a long time, and has a tiny attack range that makes it a pain to use in any capacity. If you die after collecting five Key Coins, you lose all of them, even if you hit a checkpoint with four. In addition, the styles have been stripped of most of the power-ups the games they're based on- leaving just one unique power-up per style, meaning no Ice Flowers, Penguin Suits, Mini Mushrooms or Super Acorns. Finally, a minor point- you cannot skip cutscenes, and the cutscenes take forever.

Final assessment: 2/10. Garbage. Not even worth $10. I don't care if Nintendo doesn't do refunds, it has no right to refuse a refund on this piece of crap!

10/10/2019 00:00:00

The game has many flaws of course, but it sounds like you\'re nitpicking to the extreme just for the sake of trashing the game.

10/10/2019 00:00:00

If they had a miserable experience, they had a miserable experience. None of those flaws sound like \"nit picks\" to me.

10/11/2019 00:00:00

~Steven Alright, explain your position. I just tore into a number of core aspects about the level maker, tore into the search engine, tore into the new content... I fail to see how it's nitpicking.

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