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09/27/2019 13:00:12 •••

A very good series, but the title is a bit disingenuous, and suffers from the march of time..

I just binged watched the series, and by god does it seem amazing. The characters are pretty engaging, and while some seem like they're In Name Only compared to their canon selves, the characterization is strong enough and they're likeable enough for them to be able to stand on their own. The plots a largely interwoven nicely between Young Justice and the DC Animated Universe.

That said, I do have two problems with the series.

  • 1. The Title is kind of an Artifact Title already. For a series called "Young Justice", the Young Justice team only holds the focus about 40 percent of the time. As a result of merging the DCAU with the show, a lot of the plots are interwoven into them, but in the process it makes the Team, the people the show is named after, feel like secondary characters in their own narrative. After the first few episodes, most of the time the episode will have an A plot and a B plot. The A plot will typically focus on the Justice League, specifically Batman and Damian, or Roy Harper. The B plot will focus on the Team. And even then the Justice League as a whole will be the focus of the movies. So it feels disingenuous to name the series Young Justice Abridged when they aren't the main focus. A more accurate name would have been "DC Abridged" or "J.L.Abridged", since technically the Team is a division of the League.

  • 2. As a result of the march of time, namely the existence of Young Justice - Outsiders, a lot of the changes made as a result of integrating the DCAU and Young Justice create continuity snarls, meaning unless they plan to end the series without adapting Outsiders, it will cause problems down the road. There are too many to count, so I'll list some of the more important ones (Spoilers for Outsiders btw).
    • A Major subplot in YJA Season 1 is Jason Todd returning as the Red Hood, revived by Ra's Al Ghul throwing him into a Lazarus Pit to serve as a tool in getting rid of Black Mask. However, Outsiders reveals Jason Todd was revived, but unlike Red Hood, is an amnesiac, still a teenager, and working directly under Ra's. While you could argue Ra's just revived him again, the Light lampooned him for doing so the first time and would not approve of him doing so again, and he still is visibly younger than the Red Hood.
    • Another subplot is Batman having to raise his son Damian after Deathstroke attacks the League of Assassins, and then later joining the Titans and the Team, with the Outsiders Robin being turned into Damian. Problem is, Outsiders reveals that Talia Al Ghul, Damian's mother, is still pregnant with him. And Outsiders takes place two years after Invasion, where Damian is now a Teenager due to taking Tim's place. And as far as I know, Talia never had any other kids. And they can't retcon her appearance there as taking place in the past, since it includes now adult Superboy and Tigress as well as new characters Halo, Forager, and Geo-Force.
      • Speaking of Tim Drake, Tim is made into the original Young Justice Robin since Nightwing has important rolls in many of the Batman movies. Flash Forward moments show that Tim leaves the team sometime before Invasion so Damian could be there. Problem is, Outsiders has Robin still on the Team before going to Batman Inc, and his costume has changed to more visibly resemble Red Robin, Tim's identity.
    • Cyborg's entire existence is a walking one. Outsiders doubles a Cyborg's origin story, with Victor in high school and a football star. Cyborg however is shown in the DCAU, not only as an adult before his accident, but also as one of the founding members of the League and The Mentor to the Titans. His debut is set before Season 1, and Outsiders takes place 7 years after that, yet DCAU Cyborg is an adult, while YJ Cyborg is a teenager. And like with Talia, they can't simply retcon him since we already saw his origin story and how its different from YJ, but also thanks to the other characters and the fact Cyborg is a MAIN character in Outsiders.
    • Lastly, one they'll hopefully catch in time since they've only hinted at adapting it. As they've begun adapting the Titans in the DCAU thanks to Damian, with it comes hints in the intro they'd adapt the Judas Contract. Except YJ has Tara/Terra too, and the situations play out vastly differently. DCAU Tara is nearly note for note her comic counterpart but made sympathetic like the Teen Titans series, including her dying at the end. YJ Tara starts out like her comic counterpart, but she joins the Team during Outsiders and they KNOW she's a spy, but wanted to see her come to her senses on her own, which she did and caused her to change sides, leading to her being Spared by the Adaptation.

So as much as I enjoy this series, the first issue makes the series seem a bit misleading, since people would walk in expecting an abridge for YJ, not the entire DCAU. The second issue is with them going forward, since unless they decide to handwave it away with Dr. Manhattan wanting to be entertained, they've made the job so much harder for themselves now that Outsiders is a thing, and even worse when Season 4 inevitably comes out.

09/27/2019 00:00:00

The show began when Young Justice was dead as a franchise. It\'s not surprising that a show revival would complicate matter for the Abridged Series. The channel hasn\'t updated in half a year, so I\'m interested in seeing what\'s being done with that time.

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