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09/05/2019 06:45:35

The Beginning of the Dark Age


VRAINS looks to be ending at EP 120. Once it ends or it goes past 120, I'll amend this.

VRAINS marked the beginning of a Dork Age. You can say ARC-V started it, but ARC-V at least just had Troubled Production issues. VRAINS had that and more, and it's worse should YGO 7 continue in it's footsteps.

  • The pacing sucks. Most of the plot moves a mile a minute. Everything is influential to the plot and there is no down time or filler, which is needed in a darker work. Yusaku always wins thanks to Plot Armor, and Takeru's one lose is thanks to the plot.
  • The cast is underdeveloped. Outside of Yusaku, Takeru, Ai, and Ryoken, they don't develop, and even Yusaku has issues.
    • Yusaku having PTSD makes a good backstory, not a character. He's anti-social and emotionally stunted, making him feel like a robot. His duels get predictable and boring, and he only avoids being Yusei 2 by having DRAWS. His behavior makes it impossible for character interaction, reducing their presence in the process.
    • Aoi is treated worse than the other females, only Kotori and Anzu having worse. Any development she gets is ruined by giving her The Worf Effect.
    • Go is ruined in S2 and his redemption is all off-screen.
    • Kusanagi is just Mission Control.
    • The Ignis sans Ai die with little development, or anything for Real!Windy.
    • Only Yusaku and Takeru matter among the victims. Spectre's real name is unknown, and is Killed Offscreen as his VA was busy. Miyu and Jin barely exist, and Windy's origin has no name!
  • The Villains sans Ryoken suck. Kogami is an unsympathetic idiot, Lightning is boring/annoying, and Bohman is barely a character. Even Ai is insufferable when he's not being goofy.
  • Ending at 120 instead of 140 makes S3 feel more like S2.5, since it just continues S2 and rushes things.

VRAINS' problems are opposite to of ARC-V, like they over-corrected and ignored problems.

  • Too much plot, no filler.
  • Less characters, but still little development.
  • Main character never loses and is introverted.
  • Main female present for most of the story, but does less.

There is some good though:

  • Takeru feels more like a Main Character than Yusaku. He's charismatic and has equally valid reasons for being in the plot, actually develops from his experiences, and unlike Crow, doesn't retcon the story by existing.
  • Ryoken is to VRAINS what Bruno is to Vento Aureo. Even if Yusaku is the MC, its more Ryoken's story. His redemption, his warming up to Ai, his final duel with Takeru giving them closure. He isn't the MC, but this is his story.
  • Ai was a lovable dork. Seeing his close bond with Yusaku and watching him loss his kin, Ai was a nice Tragic Hero. Sadly, S3 made him too wrapped up in his own grief to be sympathetic anymore.

VRAINS is worse than ARC-V, since ARC-V had potential and failed due to production issues, VRAINS had promise from the start, never realized it, and production only added on to the other issues.

09/04/2019 00:00:00

Just FYI, but adding a comment to get around the character limit on a review is against the rules.

09/04/2019 00:00:00

It is? Oh. Allow me to fix that.

09/04/2019 00:00:00

Consider this an exercise. Learn how to work with character limits so your reviews are concise and hit your major points of criticism.

09/04/2019 00:00:00

Just edited it now so it fits the character limit.

09/04/2019 00:00:00

I\'m glad to see the review edited. Like VeryMelon said, you should use the character count limit as a way to force you to decide what\'s worth discussing and how to discuss it both well and concisely.

Personally, I\'d advise against doing \"list\" type reviews, having bullet points for the pros and cons instead of paragraphs discussing each point, but I\'ll concede that they aren\'t against the rules.

09/05/2019 00:00:00

So is there any reason my review is still flagged?

09/05/2019 00:00:00

Those stay forever.

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