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08/30/2019 21:08:28 •••

A Quality Saga For The Ages (Spoilers)

TL; DR - Good show, go watch it, form your own opinions.

- Prologue - It started for me as I expect it started for a lot of people; I was young and malleable. Always looking for something new to suck me in and give me another favorite thing to follow. I first heard about GOT on the far reaches of the web. Some image board maybe, and then again when I had asked a few friends what the big deal was. From him I learned the basics about the series. That it was about a fantasy world where seasons like winter and summer lasted for years. That was actually perfect for me because it really established what the big deal about the prologue was before I even watched it. The hype was everywhere of course, it was a torrent of fanboy praise that constantly seeped into comments on forums and on TV show review sites like a battered barrel of crude oil.

In 2014, I spent my summer break from school marathoning Thrones, because it was up to season 4. I was a bit bored at first, just mindlessly watching season 1 wading through the sex and violence to understand what all the hype was about. I can't make sense of when exactly it happened; maybe it was Ned Stark lost his head, maybe it was when Jon and the Night's Watch went beyond the wall for the first time, but somehow I was hooked immediately. To make a long story short, year after year I waited for and watched Thrones with the same anticipation and it never went away

- Actual Review - I won't waste anymore characters, we all know what the show is. How it started and how it ended. Well, I feel it is my civic duty for future fans to leave this review and tell them: It is a great show and you are missing out if you don't watch it from start to finish.

The casting is perfect, the acting is top notch, the effects are admittedly shit at first, but they get better overtime as the budget pours in. I can count the amount of truly horrendous moments on my hands and I'm shocked by how much everything changed over 8 years. If I have any complaint, it's that the Dorne Storyline was absolute trash and was not very well thought out and more time maybe could've been spent showing characters traveling instead of just popping up in places.

People talk about the books being so much better (They're not), They talk about bad writing and plot armor and other terms they clearly don't understand and just heard from other critics but the truth? It's a strong piece of television. Not the best show ever, but certainly not the worst, and I would happily stake my honor on saying it's decent throughout. Are there weak moments? Absolutely. Is there Sure? Yes. Are some of the plotlines wrapped up a bit too conveniently? A few, yeah. But on the flipside are there Iconic scenes, great music, a memorable cast and characters? Indeed. Watch it as a show, not as a milestone in human history and you'll enjoy yourself all the more.

The final season was polarizing, no one is going to deny that. But that was always inevitable. No matter what people say, what they claim, a story like A Song of Ice and Fire was always going to end in a way that pissed a lot of people off. One thing I've learned from this experience is that when people become sour to something, they can come up with all kinds of nitpicks to justify their frustration. Maybe I'm just easily impressed, but Daenerys turning evil and burning down King's Landing was nowhere near a dealbreaker for me. In fact I was surprised other people weren't expecting it as her storyline had "Villain origin story" written all over it. I was satisfied with Bran becoming King and the fate of the other surviving characters...except Jon. Jon got screwed.

I'm sure I sound very condescending, and I hope anyone who disagrees with me would be willing to have a calm discussion over their qualms.

08/30/2019 00:00:00

It didn\'t come off to my as condescending. Don\'t worry.

08/30/2019 00:00:00

The part that came off as condescending was when you contended that the critics of the show threw around terms they didn't understand. It's one thing to say you disagree, and another to say that those who disagree with you don't know what they're talking about.

As for Daenerys, a problem that many people, myself included, had was that her arc was about fighting for what she believed in without falling prey to the madness that consumed Aerys and many other Targaryens. While she was ruthless in the best of times, most of her decisions were justifiable or at least understandable, and there was no good reason to burn down King's Landing after Cersei surrendered. The fact that she goes from being a morally gray but sympathetic protagonist to "The Mad Queen" in the space of the penultimate episode, a process catalyzed by Jon rejecting her, is extremely jarring and can be seen as misogynistic.

Other than this, I mostly agree with your review, particularly that the books aren't necessarily better. I don't think you need to describe your experience with the show, though, since that is of little use in evaluating the series or supporting your case about whether it's worth the reader's time.

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