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08/18/2019 17:22:56

Dragons rock Flagged

I have played Baldur's Gate and similar games to Dragon Age Origins for nearly 20 years. I love the concept of the main character the Warden. While it isn't common to see dragons, I love the plot and gameplay.

The dragon on this site is one of my favorite depictions.

Anyway, I would love to spend all my time playing Dragon Age and the other Baldur's Gate game. Highly recommend!

08/18/2019 00:00:00

Is this supposed to be a review of Dragon Age: Origins? It doesn't read like one. The only thing we can take away from it is that the reviewer liked the game, but the reviewer doesn't explain why, apart from briefly commenting on the story and gameplay.

08/18/2019 00:00:00

I think it\'s simply an advanced spambot, meant to generate SEO, or potentially, a multi-level marketing scam.

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