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08/02/2019 23:25:46 •••

Well, the art is cute...

But that's literally its only redeeming trait. The narrative is repetitive, preachy, and constructed almost entirely out of logical fallacies and revenge porn. And it really doesn't help that the creator at best brushes off criticism, and at worst gets rabid about it and smears her critics.

Others have already pointed this out, but it bears repeating: In Yerdian's world, either you are an aggressively dogmatic vegan, or you are a worthless g'naak with whom the world would be better off without. That second category (which includes Bunny, who is vegan for reasons of personal principle) are treated as complete fair game for (and tend to suddenly lose all ability to defend themselves from) all manner of abuse from the characters for whom we're supposed to be rooting. As such: the "villains" end up looking like woobies, while the "heroes" come off as completely unsympathetic.

08/02/2019 00:00:00

That last line about how the so-called villains are more like woobies really shows how warped her views are. She wants to see herself as the good guy, but that\'s the opposite.

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