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07/25/2019 18:20:09 •••

Try Too Hard—Need To Stop

They need to stop! It went downhill ever since the creator died. Only the first two seasons' fight scenes were amazing, unlike latter seasons—same for the opening songs and opening animation, and notice how the season 6's animation was the most wannabe of the first two seasons. Trying too hard, obviously feeling the deficit. The first season's clothes were great, but then when they started making new clothes later on, they were LAME, UGLY, and obviously modified slightly but never real new original clothes—quite lazy and uncreative in my opinion. And when they started doing other lame things: like killing off people randomly because they didn't know what to do with them anymore; cutting people's hair; and cutting off people's arms—that was when I knew I was done with that show. VERY VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING in the end. Everybody knows only the creator made the series great, without him it is nothing. And they call themselves anime?! Heck, even Avatar was more anime than this!!!

07/25/2019 00:00:00

Wow. People like this do exist.

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