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08/08/2019 20:51:19 •••

An Irreplaceable First-Time Viewing

I've seen Endgame twice now, once on the opening weekend and once again when they re-released it with some extra stuff, and that's led me to this conclusion: it is the perfect cinematic conclusion to the Infinity Saga - the first time you watch it.

I don't think I'll ever forget the experience of watching this in the theater for the first time with my buddy and a jam-packed crowd. Having not seen any of the trailers and thankfully having dodged all the leaks and spoilers, witnessing everything completely blind was truly incredible because I simply didn't know what to expect. All the call-backs to previous movies, further references to the comic books and payoffs of character arcs/storylines set up over multiple years of cinema - it was all the ride of a lifetime, and one that I don't know will ever be recreated by any other franchise, or even the conclusion to Phase 4 (or 5/6).

However, the film is structured unconventionally compared to Infinity War and the other Avengers movies; while this helped enhance the experience of viewing it for the first time, unlike Infinity War it just doesn't hold up quite as well on subsequent viewings, and I honestly can't definitively put my finger on why. Perhaps because there's not as many fight scenes (though what we get are still incredible), perhaps because it's focused on wrapping up stories rather than simply continuing them, perhaps because there isn't as much Thanos. Whatever the reason, when I watched Endgame again, while I was still on the lookout for some stuff I'd overlooked the first time and looking forward to seeing certain moments again, by and large it felt like I was just kinda...sitting there for 3 hours till the new stuff came on. Idk, maybe that stemmed from me going specifically to see the post-credits material, I can't say for sure - but my buddy who saw it with me and proceeded to see it 3 more times has felt the same way about the repeat viewings, so I'm not alone in this.

The bottom line is this: if you've watched every single MCU entry up till now (and I do mean every single one, including Iron Man 2 and Thor: The Dark World), this movie is a love letter to the characters and you in equal measure. Obviously, you might not like everything in it, but I believe you will enjoy it overall. But I would just leave it there - trying it again will just feel hollow.

08/08/2019 00:00:00

That's a good way to put it. How much you'll enjoy this really hinges on how much of a fan you are, and as I found out the hard way, I'm not nearly as invested in the MCU as I thought I was. I enjoyed them as fun action movies (and a few I really enjoyed as fun action movies), but not much more than that.

Even if you are a fan though (as I was in a few respects), you may disappointed by how things turn out. Like, I get others enjoyed Professor Hulk, but I didn't come to see Hulk goof around in a lab coat; I came to see him get really mad and punch Thanos in the face!

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