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07/20/2019 16:08:03 •••

The same joke ad nauseum.

I don't hate the series, but it's basically the same formula repeated over and over.

1: Guy summerizes plot of film. 2: Same guy without glasses questions plot holes, and flawed logic. 3: Guy refuses to change the story to address issues. 4: No-Glasses Guy pretty much lets Guy 1 have his way. 5: End episode with cut to ironic news article. 6: Repeat ad nauseum for 100+ episodes.

Once the initial charm wears off. The series just gets monotonous and repetitive, and the overall smug attitudes of the characters portrayed does not help matters.

Might be worth a watch if you wanna see the piss taken out of your favorite films, but it's not for me personally.

07/15/2019 00:00:00

While I do agree that the principle is the same in each video (though it doesn\'t bother me personally), I don\'t get what gives you the impression they\'re smug. My impression was more that they are meant to appear completely oblivious to reality.

07/15/2019 00:00:00

I agree with Theokal 3 about the obliviousness of the two characters, although I\'d argue that the screenwriter\'s overconfidence in his bad ideas borders on arrogance.

By the way, 55revolver, do you mean \"least favorite?\" It may be just me, but I enjoy these kinds of videos more when they\'re about films I didn\'t like.

07/20/2019 00:00:00

You guys both have a point. I just find the two characters\' behavior to be obnoxious.

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