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06/28/2019 02:37:03 •••

Killer AIs

So, Child's Play. For a reboot of a beloved series, I have to say, I loved it. I am by no means a Chucky fan, but I kind of like the different route they went with the killer doll. For one, the relationship between Andy and Chucky here is actually genuine instead of manipulation. That just makes the moments where Chucky's malfunctioning comes into play surprisingly sad. You actually have moments where you feel bad for Chucky because here, he was the way he was because a disgruntled worker removed the safety features from him in an act of spite towards his boss.

There are scenes that were suspenseful and the kills were pretty imaginative my favorite one being when Chucky makes mince meat out of Karen's boyfriend (who had a family already mind you) with a lawnmower, and then wraps his head around a watermelon and gives it to Andy as a present. The worst of the gore is censored, but the kills were regardless memorable. As was the final act. Mark Hamill does a good job as Chucky and goes an entirely different route here that differentiates him from Brad Dourif's Chucky. In the 2019 film, Chucky starts off as initially curious and is later driven to protect his owner through violent means. It really also serves as a small commentary on how much control technology has over our lives.

The actor who played Andy Barclay does a good job at playing the conflicted owner of the Buddi doll who slowly realizes that his doll was developing murderous tendencies. The actress that played Karen...was fine, but the relationship felt more of a big sister/little brother one. Yes, the film explains why this may seem to be the case, but I admit it's a minor nitpick. As for anything's a film about a killer AI doll going on a killer spree. That's it. It's nothing Oscar-worthy, but you shouldn't go in expecting something grand. It's a call back to all of the classic slasher movies of the 80s and the soundtrack was also the best part of the film IMO. Really love how they reimagined the ending theme to the 1988 film.

06/28/2019 00:00:00

I wasn\'t convinced by the whole replacing voodoo by AI, but I gotta admit, making Chucky genuinely trying to befriend Andy is an interesting idea. I am considering checking the movie.

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