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06/19/2019 07:33:52

Another failure by the Disney Channel. Flagged

As many fans of animation know, cartoons have been stuck in a rut since the mid-2000's that continues to deteriorate and manifest itself. "Amphibia" is not an exception.

It's probably the worst cartoon put out by the network. Say what you will about "The Buzz on Maggie" or "Shorty Mc Short Shorts". At least they had redeeming factors to them.

This has next to nothing. The only half-decent thing to come out of it is the backgrounds, but even they could use some work and refining.

It has more of the random, cynical humor seen in the previously mentioned shows — characters saying outdated slang, selfies, poorly drawn expressions, elements seen in other recent bad animated shows, like the "Powerpuff Girls" reboot.

I sat down and watched the entirety of the first episode, which was uploaded to You Tube early by the Disney Chanel themselves.

Almost the entire time, I was either shaking my head at how bad the jokes were, or sighing heavily at the blatant animation mistakes. Sometimes a combination of both.

Not only are selfies terribly outdated, but they have no business being in a cartoon. That's one of the things I hate about many recent cartoons — they try to be hip and with the times by haphazardly shoving as many of these social media scenes as they possibly can. It's just awful, one of the worst things you can do in a cartoon.

The characters feel like ones that we've already seen in previous animated sitcoms. Anne is a bland teenage girl stereotype. Sprig is an overly-optimistic adventurer who cracks terrible jokes along the way. Hop Pop is just the terribly-overused Grumpy Old Man seen in hundreds of cartoons. Almost nothing new is brought to the table with him.

This review only covers my opinion the first episode, as that's the only available episode as of this writing. I might update this review once further episodes are released, though I can't make any promises.

From what I have seen, though, "Amphibia" is nothing new. It's a waste of space. Terrible humor, terrible characters, terrible everything. Definitely one of Disney Channel's worst productions.

06/17/2019 00:00:00

Wait a minute. If there has been only one episode so far, how can you say this \"Definitely one of Disney Channel\'s worst productions\"?

As for \"As many fans of animation know, cartoons have been stuck in a rut since the mid-2000\'s that continues to deteriorate and manifest itself,\" what about Adventure Time? Steven Universe? Gravity Falls? Over the Garden Wall? I\'ll admit that some cartoons in recent years haven\'t been good, but there\'s been a lot of good nuggets of gold, too.

I hope you give this series another chance, because I think it\'s a great show so far, and I can\'t wait to see how it plays out.

06/18/2019 00:00:00

No offense, but I think you have Nostalgia Goggles on.

06/19/2019 00:00:00

Writing down the entire show based on its first episode is a bit like writing down Steven Universe as a stupid show about a kid who raps about candy (rapping wasn\'t even cool in the 90s) living with three totally cliché Action Girl characters. Clearly Cartoon Network\'s worst.

I\'m not saying Amphibia will be as great as SU; it\'s just a good example of how the first episode is not necessarily representative of the show as a whole.

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