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06/27/2019 08:13:33 •••

As a Gen wunner, let me say this series has actually gotten better over the years.

Yeah you heard me, I think the OG Red and Blue were outdone by the later generations. Let's be honest, as much charm as Red and Blue have, they were broken messes and horribly glitchy. Speaking as someone who played the originals, i can truly appreciate how each game got better, i like that they added more stuff like Shinies, genders, natures, improved plot and characters and yes, even Megas ETC. And i can truly appreciate how each Gen have their own identity, Unova and Alola have the plot and wonderful characters, Sinnoh and Hoenn have the challenge, berry farming, and atmosphere, ETC. And despite all the complaints from fellow Gen wunners who hate the fact we have over 700 mons, and hate the new ones, i embrace the new pokemon, yeah as a kid, i was super into Charizard and Mewtwo, but the new Pokemon like Hydreigon, Mimikyu, and Popplio have taken their place. Give the new Pokemon a chance, you might be surprised at the charm you can find. The new games have helped simplify I Vs E Vs, and Natures, for example, X and Y have super training for easy E Vs and Sun and Moon have Hyper training for easy perfect I Vs, (side note The Poke Pelago is one of the most charming new additions to the series) and now the games tell you what nature does what in the stats. For all the complaints about tutorials, at least Nintendo is making it easier for people to have their ideal team. The series's future has never looked brighter, Sword and Shield despite the Galar Region Pokedex mishap, looks like it will allow the world of Pokemon to feel more alive, with Pokemon on the overworld,(granted it started in Let's go, but SWSH's version looks better) and GIANT POKEMON, what's not to love?

So what if we eventually go over 900 or 1000? The pokemon you love will still be there, and you might find a new Pokemon to give love to. Sure the 151 may hold a special place, but they shouldn't hold all the attention.

06/19/2019 00:00:00

I love this review!. Only on problem though: You are not a \"Genwunner.\" A Genwunner is somebody that considers the first gen (and in some rare cases the second one too) the only good ones and everything after that was bad. You didn\'t say that at all in your review so am baffled that you would call yourself something so derogatory.

06/27/2019 00:00:00

I assumed Gen Wunners was also a term for people who have played since the start. I admit, i did go through a phase during Gen iv, and that was only during the Diamond and Pearl era, i couldn\'t find all the cool ones like Lucario, Garchomp, and Rotom,and Kricketune\'s cry creeped me out, and the game was really slow but i learned to love Sinnoh during Platinum. Thank you for the kind comments, i just see a lot of 20s something players who complain like they are 60 year olds, so i wanted to give my perspective as someone who started out from the very beginning. Honestly, i think the reason people are gen wunners is because they never gave the new Pokemon a real chance to shine.

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