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06/21/2019 16:15:41 •••

X-Men: Literally Everyone Except Dark Phoenix

I’ll get it out of the way now: as an adaptation of the classic X-Men comic, Dark Phoenix sucks. Jean Grey’s arc basically consists of her getting thrown out by multiple people until she’s accepted and has basically no role in her own plot, and the Not-Skrulls are no substitute for the Hellfire Club (I don’t care if we’ve done them already, you all thought that white haired woman was Emma Frost in the trailers). What it is good at is being a case study for the X-Men.

The entire idea of the X-Men being called in by the government was weird at first, but over the course of the film it aloud us to get a better look into (and a firm deconstruction of) Xavier’s methods and what the X-Men truly want to achieve. James Mc Avoy plays Xavier the way he always has, and that makes some of his darker choices scarier then it would have if he was doing the whole “Hero but evil” routine seen in similar tales.

Overall, don’t see this film for it’s namesake. See it for literally everything else.

06/08/2019 00:00:00

X-Men: Contractual Obligation

06/21/2019 00:00:00

I watched it for a second time and it seems like it’s not suppose to be a faithful adaptation. Rather the opposite. Made an analysis on the film.

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