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05/31/2019 22:53:25 •••

2011 Anime Review, Episodes 1-38: It's... eh?

It's well-animated, decently paced, and has a surreptitiously dark and twisted world... but it hasn't really grabbed me. I think the main issue is that I'm just not invested in the characters.

I'm not invested in Gon's journey because I don't care for his dad. He's not someone Gon has a personal connection to; he's just some hunter who left because reasons. Maybe this is some "need to find my dad" thing I'm taking for granted, but personally I thought your family is the people who actually care for you, not necessarily blood.

Speaking of which, Killua has an interesting backstory, and the heroes getting him back was engaging, but the state he's in now is "I'm bored and don't know what to do with my life." That COULD be compelling... when the story does something with it. Kurapika and Leorio could be interesting, but most of what I know of them now is just from hints and backstory exposition.

And Hisoka is... um, yeah.

I'm not sure if this is a technically a flaw, but the Tournament Arcs didn't seem to introduce many other interesting characters. They mostly focused on the main ones.

The Nen system is kinda cool, but also a bit confusingly presented. Not helping is that the first explanation was a lie.

38 episodes in, I'm not really sure what to hold on to. Maybe it'll turn more interesting, but that happening 14 hours in isn't a positive in my book. It's a well-presented story, but I'm not here to make a strictly objective review.

6/10 personal enjoyment so far. (-1)^(1/2) odds to continue following it.

05/31/2019 00:00:00

Understandable, good points. However I would point out that you're not suppose to take it for granted. Gonna doesn't really care that way about his father either. It's more a goal he set for himself and a reason for his top pursue adventure.

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