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Reviews Film / The Wicker Man 1973

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05/20/2019 16:31:14 •••

My favorite movie of all time!

Look, I'm a simple gay, and there are certain boxes that a movie can tick for me. If you are a bit odd like me, and you favor movies involving cults, music, mysteries, and brilliant plot twists, you should definitely put The Wicker Man on your list. It's both subtle and over-the-top, funny and frightening, reverent and sacrilegious.

Try to find the longest version you can, as the studio hated it when the creators first screened it for them, so there were some pretty major cuts. Unfortunately the original version of the film is likely lost forever, but fans and people involved in the making of it have managed to cobble together a pretty definitive version at about 102 minutes.

Keep an open mind, avoid getting spoiled, and you'll have a good time with this story!

05/20/2019 00:00:00

Meh, I thought it could use more people getting knocked out by Nicolas Cage in a bear suit, myself. I guess if you squint you can sort of make out the framework of a good movie or something like it, but this ain't it.

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