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05/16/2019 16:33:47 •••

My favorite DC Extended movie so far, I rate it 9 out of 10.

I wrote this review on Rotten Tomatoes before, but here it is again for TV Tropes.

SHAZAM! is easily DC Extended Universe's best movie yet, I love the idea of Tom Hanks' BIG being redone as a superhero movie - it was funny and heartwarming at the same time especially of a superhero adult and a teenage boy hanging out together, except Shazam isn't very bright (I mean intellectually, he's very bright in terms of light). Then whenever Shazam tries doing something heroic, he messes up doing even more damage than had he done nothing and so Freddie (who is about 20 years younger than his adult superhero body) keeps pointing it out. A kid having to parent an adult and tell him off for being naive, talk about irony. I thought it was clever the message the movie cranked out that superpowers doesn't bring as much as happiness to you as financial independence (Billy hates orphanages, he wants his own house) or the emotional affection that you receive from your mother and your friends. I mean the first thing that comes to Shazam's mind with superpowers is hacking ATMs and buying video games. Without the love of his own mother and the fact that his own best friend Freddy is starting to think he's an arrogant jerk who wants to show off his superpowers all the time, Billy / Shazam feels unhappy even with the incredible gifts he's received from the old wizard. Then it takes the arrival of the Bald Bad Guy that after a long and hard fight, he becomes more serious and more mature in his adult body and he finally does become an actual superhero who can put his powers to good use. All in all, great story of an adult superhero with the mind of a child caring more about video games and looking for his mother mentally grows to become more like an actual superhero and does develop an adult mind.

My only problem with the movie was that I think the final fight of the movie was less exciting than the entirety of the movie that came before it. We were introduced to ALL of the superpowers, superheroes and supervillains that nothing new or refreshing comes up in the finale where SHAZAM finally saves the day and defeats the Bald Bad Guy and the Seven Sin Demons. In fact, Shazam and Bald Bad Guy already had a long and rough fight around the middle of the movie which trashed the shopping mall (that's where Shazam stepped on the giant floor keyboard), I felt the final fight was just a rehash of the shopping mall fight only in the dark at nighttime and with Shazam being a lot more chatty and less scared this time.

Mr. Mind's sudden appearance helped trigger my memory of the Baron O' Beef Dip prank Eddy played on Ed back in Ed, Edd n' Eddy. Except Mr. Mind didn't tell Sivana to eat his mattress.

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