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05/12/2019 17:15:14 •••

Holy menstruation! This makes OMD look good.

Marvel has put out a lot of trash, especially in recent years, but there are none worse than this story time of pain. From the setting to the dialogue to the self inserts, there is nothing to redeem this. Even the art sucked due to the rotating cast of fill in artists stuck with this resume staining series. Horrifyingly, America somehow got a twelve issue run despite its final issue shipping only 6,482 floppies according to Comichron. To put that into perspective, 15k is the typical cancellation point for the big 2 nowadays and that is taking into account comics are selling at historical lows. The sad thing is that it was also a net loss in terms of PR since whatever good will they were looking for from the LGBT community was negated by the disgust from the Hispanic community due to the google translated Spanish they used making it obvious this was a bald faced act of cultural appropriation.

05/12/2019 00:00:00

The Spanish was fine. A little too excessive at times, but it was translated fine. It\'s better than the Spanish in her prior appearances by non-Latinx authors, where she tended to flip-flop between sounding like a child then suddenly sounding really filthy with lots of misspellings.

Also floppies aren\'t really an accurate measure of sales because Marvel advertises numbers based on pre-orders from stores, not purchases from customers.

05/12/2019 00:00:00

You are the first person I have ever seen defend the Spanish in this book. If the spanish wasn\'t that bad, which I cannot confirm since I do not speak the language, you may want to edit the T Vtropes page regarding it.

Floppy sales may not give a perfect picture, especially after you consider Marvel\'s history of overshipping, but it does give you a good idea how well it is doing compared to other titles. To put it into perspective, Hawkeye #16 sold almost 12k before cancellation. America was already selling less than that at issue #5 but still got to 12 issues.

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