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04/21/2019 16:08:33 •••

Mixed Feelings

Other M is an okay game. I think it actually feels more like the 2D games than the Prime series, especially since its art style takes more cues from Fusion. The gameplay is pretty fun on the whole, with several mechanics that are hard to pull off but very rewarding when you manage it. I haven't really found myself wanting to go back to it much, though.

The plot's not much to write home about. There's a lot of disparate parts that don't come together properly or really relate to each other (Samus' conflict with Adam, the Deleter, MB) that give it a disjointed feel. The narrator sounding bored the whole time doesn't help. The authorization system was an understandable attempt at avoiding having to come up with yet another Bag of Spilling scenario, though having to get authorization for the Varia Suit bugged me.

That said, I don't quite get all of the controversy over Samus' character. Fans like to wax poetic about how Samus up until now was a stoic badass who always did things her own way and always gave authority the finger. But a lot of that seems to come from fans projecting onto Samus' lack of characterization in previous games. Of the games before Other M, the only ones that actually had more than an Excuse Plot or some Story Breadcrumbs were Prime 3 and Fusion; Samus was a Silent Protagonist in Prime 3 and Fusion was the game that introduced Adam, and showed that Samus served under and respected him. Not having characterization isn't the same as being stoic. I didn't find either of them terribly interesting or compelling in Other M, mind you, but it felt more like filling in a blank than throwing something out. I don't like that people treat Samus as being weak for having PTSD about Ridley. The game may show Samus as more flawed than the average Steven Segal character, but she's the only one who survives being attacked by the Deleter, she defeats Ridley after the latter curb stomps Anthony, and the game has a greater emphasis on cinematic fights and takedowns than its predecessors, so I'd hardly say that Samus seems weak.

In all: Not bad, worth playing once, not as good as its predecessors, but not horrible either.

04/21/2019 00:00:00

It felt more like filling in a blank than throwing something out. I don't like that people treat Samus as being weak for having PTSD about Ridley.

That wasn't the issue. The problem was that it was inconsistent with what we'd seen of her before. None of the games, prior to Other M, even remotely implied that Samus suffered any sort of trauma due to Ridley. Instead, she always tracked him down and killed him. So her freak-out in Other M came out of nowhere — other than a really old comic that only a handful of people knew about.

It'd be like seeing Mario suddenly have a mental breakdown over having to face Bowser again, despite all the times he's kicked Bowser's ass and went go-karting with him afterwards.

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