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03/11/2019 12:57:14

If you're an atheist, this isn't for you. Flagged

Okay, if you're an atheist, this will leave you thinking "What the fuck did I just watch?" So just don't watch this, it'd be confusing, such as when Mike says "It's not loaded!" to Bill, pointing his bolt gun at Pennywise, but a bolt still comes out, because he had faith that it was still loaded, the fact that Pennywise can be judged with human morality, even though he is not human, and how Bill, Eddie, Richie, Mike, Stan and Ben see Beverly as a muse. However, if you're a Christian like me, you'll enjoy it.

03/11/2019 00:00:00

Umm...being an Atheist doesn\'t mean one can\'t suspend their disbelief enough to at least believe in a faith-based, higher-power existent, fictional world.

Like...this isn\'t even a film review. This is just you making a baseless assumption about Atheists. And, speaking as an Atheist, I don\'t appreciate that. It\'d be like me saying a Theist wouldn\'t understand, IDK, Bill Nye because it\'s all science and there\'s no way a Theist can understand or at least be able to consider scientific ideas.

...Seriously, man.

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