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05/13/2019 07:23:07 •••

Entertaining but formulaic Marvel Movie

Captain Marvel is another fairly typical marvel movie. There are minor tweaks to the formula but in general, nothing particularly memorable about it. It's set in the 90's, so there's plenty of 90s jokes, as well as some nods to the whole MCU continuity, and a young Fury and Coulson.

Since this is Marvel's first female headlining hero, people are trying to hype it up like it's revolutioninzing the film industry or something, but if you just watch the movie and ignore the news feed surrounding it, it's entertaining. Honestly it pushes "girl power" about as much as Black Panther pushed "black power". It's obviously there, it's mostly unavoidable, but it also doesn't let that one single issue overtake the whole film.

Captain Marvel isn't so much about "girl power" as it is about one girl's power. The story and focus is mostly about our hero trying to remember her past while doing hero stuff. Stuff happens, she ends up on Earth, and like a usual Marvel movie, there's great action, CGI, and jokes sprinkled throughout along the way.

With that said, there's really not much else to talk about without getting into spoilers. It's just... entertaining, but not that memorable, and just another variation on the same theme you've seen before.

One last thing to mention, though, is the tie-in to the rest of the MCU. It's painstakingly clear that they released this film just so they can bring Captain Marvel into Avengers: Endgame as some kind of solution. Now, we know she's powerful, but I tend not to enjoy deus ex machina style solutions where some superpowerful being just pops up, does some overpowered stuff, and fixes the problem, which kinda makes me worried for Endgame. I really hope Marvel's got a more intriguing story than that lined up.

In any case, 6, maybe 7/10 depending on how bored you are of the Marvel Formula movie. It's got enough variation on it to make it unique, but not enough to make it really memorable. Not bad to watch if you're bored though.

05/13/2019 00:00:00

Having seen Endgame, it turns out that Captain Marvel really didn\'t do much there.

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