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02/01/2020 11:43:22 •••

Long-winded Unecessary Fusion Fic

ADKOT is a Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventures/Persona 4 Fusion Fic where Johnny Joestar the protagonist of Part 7 Steel Ball Run replaces Yu Narukami and act like the Wild Card and main character. The author has a good grasp of the characters and their personalities, with a good eye for description and detail of the setting and location. But the plot remains largely the same. The story becomes a character-centered plot where Johnny must learn to overcome the trauma of his past and reconnect with others. Unfortunately, Persona 4 repeats the same story of Part 7. If you have read Part 7 or played P4 then you will know how the story will end. Which in essence becomes predictable and Johnny's story becomes swallowed up by the entire plot and the dozen of characters whose stories intertwine with Johnny and consequently must be solved before Johnny can work on his own personal issues.

Persona 4 was already a long game, but the author decides to include characters from the Jojo series and implants them in Japan without good explanation on why foreigners would be living in Japan in a small town with a suspected serial killer running loose. None of the Jo Jo characters aside from Johnny and Gyro are particularly relevant to the plot and simply replace canon characters and the problem with the story's plot multiplies. In addition, the writer goes into detail on how certain character receives grievous injuries but stay in decent shape once they return back home, which immediately kills any tension the story may have in dealing with the fate of the characters. Overall I recommend just playing Persona 4 or read Jo Jo instead of reading this unnecessary story

02/23/2019 00:00:00

All fan-fiction is \"unnecessary\", as is all fictional media in general.

02/24/2019 00:00:00


Maybe the reviewer could have chosen a better word than \"unnecessary,\" but it\'s fair to complain that the Jojo\'s characters weren\'t implemented well. Of course, this isn\'t half as bizarre(no pun intended) as one (non-crossover) Persona 4 fic I saw, which had Harry Potter replace Kanji as the second kidnapping victim.

02/01/2020 00:00:00

So basically the complaint you have is that it\'s too character focused rather than a complete reimagining of events. That sounds more like your own personal subjective taste rather than the story being \'unnecessary\' as you put it. The character driven plot and moments make the story what it is and is compelling for those reasons.

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