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02/09/2019 12:43:53 •••

A newbie's review

The title says it all: I'm somewhat of a newbie to the series. I've only really gotten into RE as a whole starting with 4, and I'm not very knowledgeable of the lore of the older titles. I've never actually played the original RE2, and my knowledge on it is limited to the segmented playthroughs I've watched of my brother ages ago, so for this review I'm basically going in fresh.

From the get-go, I prefer the over-the-shoulder perspective over the classic fixed camera view, and you can fight me on that. I liked how the remake offered a mix of old and new, and on a technical level the gameplay is very enjoyable, though I'm not very happy about how key items you don't use cannot be discarded if you pick them up by mistake (Diamond Key). Not a very big gripe, but it does hurt Minimalist/Speed runs where you cannot use the item box.

Story-wise, I'm not very familiar with how the original handled A/B runs or the zapping system, but I do notice some inconsistencies and mutually-exclusive events that don't mesh together if you put the scenarios next to each other. Others could, and probably have, explained things better than I can, so I won't be going into that. As for what I liked, I think the new dialogue is better written than most RE games I've played before, and also appreciated the remade environments. They are quite accurate for the most part to what I can remember, so that's a lot of fanservice right there.

Instead, what drives me up the wall a LOT in this game is how incredibly tanky everything is, how fast their attacks are and how slowly you recover. It can give them a lot of cheap shots in without letting you breathe at times (Lickers, Dogs, Mr. X), so a lot of the times dying can be very frustrating. There's Lightning Bruiser, and then there's this. G-4 Birkin is very annoying because of this, which says something because the other 4 forms are rather simple to beat. That being said, I didn't have a lot of trouble with Mr. X, in fact I've even made sort of a quasi-sport in trolling and out-moving him, hat on or not, although I can see why some hate running into him so often. Makes me wonder what will Nemesis be like if Capcom were to remake RE3.

In short, as a newbie to the game, there are many things I liked and didn't like about the remake, none of them have much to do with the accuracy of the work done. My complaints are mostly technical, which can hurt the potential for new players to enjoy it. I don't review games very often, but overall I mostly enjoyed it and can appreciate the effort put into making it both refreshing and nostalgic; it's not perfect, but a very good game.


02/08/2019 00:00:00

Great review; informative and useful without going too far into jargon. (As a fellow \"guy who never played the original,\" I only have a vague idea of what A/B routes are and no clue what \"zapping\" is.)

02/09/2019 00:00:00

Congratulations on your first review; you did better than I did, since I had so much I wanted to say, but couldn\'t grok just how to work around the word limit.

On the A/B and Zapping mechanics, allow me to explain:

Zapping itself was a fairly minor mechanic, where certain things you did in the A scenario would carry over to the B scenario. These consisted mostly of which of two items - a submachine gun or an inventory-expanding hip pouch - a given character would take from the R.P.D armory, whether or not the B scenario character could access the twin thumbprint-locked door in the lab, which would contain either a second submachine gun (if A-scenario took that) or a reload clip for the submachine gun, and whether or not the B-scenario character would encounter any of the following: Marvin\'s zombie, the giant alligator, and Poison Ivys.

The A/B scenarios was the game\'s real strength, because it actually tells two distinct stories depending on which pairing you use. In Leon A/Claire B, Sherry keeps possession of her pendant through the entire game; she never ends up being infected with the G-virus as a result and Mr. X focuses exclusively on Claire, whilst Leon learns that Ada is a spy when Annette Birkin shoots her as she is demanding Leon give her the G-Sample. In Claire A/Leon B, you get the \"canon\" story, where Mr. X focuses on chasing Leon because he\'s with Ada, who ran into Sherry and picked up her pendant when she dropped it in this storyline (incidentally, he never learns she\'s a spy in this timeline), Mr. X is the one who \"kills\" Ada, and Claire has to cure Sherry of a G-virus infection.

In addition to distinct separate stories, the A/B scenarios also had a more unique array of puzzles between each scenario (yeah, some repeated, but others were distinct to that scenario - I just don\'t remember which ones off the top of my head), whereas the 2019 remake\'s \"2nd run\" has the exact same puzzles (just with different answers) and the exact same story as the A-scenario, just cut down by removing the segment with Marvin. It really makes very little effort to try and claim that there are two stories going on at the same time; its internal chronology is a mess. That was the core of my review; mechanically and visually, yeah, it\'s a great game, but Mr. X and the zombies can quickly switch from \"scary\" to \"annoying\", and even if it did arguably give a smoother place in the overarching continuity, that lack of effort in making each character\'s campaign feel internally consistent is a huge flaw.

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