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12/26/2018 01:04:16 •••

Not a Perfect Series, But Still Pretty Damn Fun

Shuusou Gyoku The first game in the series, and my Personal Favorite. Yes, the graphics are crap and the music is on outdated MIDI hardware. However, ZUN's amazing musical gift makes every song memorable and catchy, and the crappy graphics have a sort of charm to them. The gameplay is still fun, with a wide variety of shot types and boss patterns. And hey, we have cameos from Reimu and Marisa in a fantastic (though horrifically difficult) boss fight. All of the characters are very fun and memorable too! Shuusou Gyoku is a great game to check out if you want to play a fun little shmup.

Kioh Gyoku While the A.I. is terrible, the game is still really fun. It's very quick, meaning it's easy to pick it up and play in short bursts. Not to mention, it's great for scoring. The graphics aren't too bad, and once again, ZUN's music is just brilliant. It's even the first time he ever used his signature ZU Npets! I find Kioh Gyoku better than the two Touhou VS. Shooters (and I haven't played Twinkle Star Sprites), because of how quick and fun it is. Check it out!

Banshiryuu This game is pretty divisive. People who like it are often scorers, and people hate it because ZUN wasn't involved. Even though ZUN didn't compose the music, the music is still wonderful! There are two different versions of the game, so it's even more confusing to talk about. The C67 version is EXTREMELY difficult. There are few resources and some shocking patterns. However, most of the patterns are still fair, but require TONS of memorization. The C74 version is a little bit easier, because you get so many bombs. However, the patterns are a lot more unfair, so it's not as enjoyable. The main reason why I like the C74 version is the extra stage. Good lord, it's amazing. It's a crazy boss rush of all of the characters from the first two games! All in all, Banshiryuu is kind of mediocre. I would recommend the C67 for the main story, but the C74 only for the extra. Check out both, and see which one you prefer.

Seihou is pretty awesome, and I really wish it would be continued.

12/26/2018 00:00:00

Kioh Gyoku While the A.I. is terrible, the game is still really fun. It\'s very quick, meaning it\'s easy to pick it up and play in short bursts

Yes, it\'s quick... I feel like the reason people tend to like Kioh Gyoku is that it lasts long enough that they can tell it avoids Phantasmagoria of Flower View\'s specific bullshit, but not so long they can recognize it\'s own. Like, even ignoring the terrible single-player, this is a game where most of the cast feels about the same to play, (slow move speed, slow charge, no effects on the field), boss attacks de facto last forever (they start with no timer and high health, then your opponent heals them to 200%...), and Morgan exists

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