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12/11/2018 23:44:05 •••

A confusing frustrating mess

After buying myself a Nintendo Switch I was absolutely proud of myself. I enjoyed many of the games such as Super Mario Odyssey, Undertale, and Doom. But one game I could absolutely not enjoy was Breath of the Wild.

I found the combat to be awkward, especially as you progress further through the game. I would awkwardly flail around trying to hit enemies and die repeatedly. The few times I would win, I ended breaking through all my useful weapons. Eventually I would just run away upon seeing enemies.

Most of the items of the game where pointless. I would blow my way through of of my healing items, and the rest had very strange uses that I never ended up using. I couldnít figure out how to use the cooking mechanic.

Progress through the game was awkward and slow. The shrines were a chore to find, with all the various times I died from the terrain. Especially the absolutely dreadful cold zone which killed my so many times before I succeeded from pure luck. The shrines themselves were no better, with puzzles relying on very strange logic. Itís the one with the scooping balls out of the water using the bowl that made me finally quit the game for good.

In essence I donít understand why the game could be so well liked. I found the entire experience to be bland at best, and infuriating at worst. If you really liked, good for you, but I donít understand why. Please note that I am not reviewing this game poorly because it is well liked. I am doing so because it legitimately pissed me off.

12/10/2018 00:00:00

I mostly agree with your review, except for the part about the cooking system. Being able to combine ingredients with clear and easily understandable results (for example, add peppers to your meat if you want cold resistance, or use additional/better meat for more hearts) was my favorite part about the game.

Some of the shrines had somewhat annoying gimmicks, and others were too short, but the ball scooping puzzle wasn\'t that bad- mainly a bit awkward to control. I do prefer the approach to puzzles in Ocarina of Time and Majora\'s Mask, where as you get more items, you start running into more complex and varied puzzles (as opposed to here, where you get your four main runes before leaving the Great Plateau).

12/10/2018 00:00:00

I found the combat to be awkward, especially as you progress further through the game. I would awkwardly flail around trying to hit enemies and die repeatedly.

Not to be "that guy" but, I 'd say the second sentence identifies the problem: you're flailing instead of learning the mechanics of the combat system. That's what the Great Plateau is for. It's the tutorial portion of the game. By the time you leave, you should already be accustomed to the basics of combat and food crafting.

The game is also open ended to encourage players to find their own ways of tackling puzzles and enemies, instead of limiting you to a predetermined way of doing things. That's why there are numerous videos of people dropping Lynels, Guardians, and gold enemies with only three hearts without taking damage.

My weapon inventory stays full, 'cuz I mainly use archery to snipe enemies from afar and stealth strikes when up close. I hardly ever need melee weapons anymore. And if you think I'm making that up, check the edit history for the gamebreaker page and you'll see I added shock arrow and Korok Leaf examples, 'cuz it's two of the methods I use to kill elite enemies safely and quickly.

12/11/2018 00:00:00

@Valiona: I\'m kind of a new comer to the franchise with limited knowledge of the games. Still I hadn\'t played most 3d mario games, and I adapted to Odyssey no problem.

@Miin U: I honestly kind of made progress by luck, I mean that\'s the only reasonable explanation how I could get where I did without learning much. Anyway, I tried arrow sniping but I always ran out.

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