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12/05/2018 20:35:21 •••

Season 1- Verily, 'Tis a Fine Show

I'll admit, right off the bat, I didn't think I'd like this show at first. I had no interest in reality TV (and that's still true today), and the trailer made the show look more trendy and teenager-ish than it really was.

Once I actually got around to watching, I was more than happy to admit that I was dead wrong! What was on the outset a satire of the sensory-torturing chaff that is reality television was actually a fun, charming show defined by its pleasing animation (while not up to Disney standards, the show has a pleasing color palette, attractive character designs, and its own inimitable style of poses and movements), funny and believable dialog, intricate story, and amazingly likable, well-written and believable characters (favorites in particular are Noah, Cody, Gwen, Heather, Trent, Courtney, Lindsay, Tyler, Izzy, Bridgette, Leshawna, and Ezekiel, eh?) The only fault I could find was the obscenely juvenile manner in which the season was censored in the USA. Seriously, the show's dialog was so butchered and kiddified that it made the standard 4kids dub look like something out of a Tarantino movie.

Overall, an amazing introduction to a rollercoaster ride of a series. Did it set our expectations too high? Perhaps, but it's still awesome nonetheless.

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