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11/21/2018 16:11:57 •••

This blog should be educational but...

IT ISN"T! This is the most condescending thing I have ever seen. Now, let me make this clear. I LIKE dinosaurs/prehistoric life, and I do care about a decent amount when they aren't portrayed accurately, but this blog is the worst. It's supposed to point out examples of Artistic License Palaeontology and explain what's wrong, but instead it gives minimal context, expects everyone to know what it's talking about, and comes off as so petty towards even the most insignificant of examples that instead the author looks like a pompous asshole. Sure there are some really truly bad examples on there (like the BAND and creationism stuff), but more often then not, the submissions are very minor and easily forgivable. I mean sorry buddy, but most people don't know everything about Mesozoic life like you do, and you know what, that's okay. Seriously, I have interests in history and zoology, but I don't make fun of people for being idiots whenever they portray stuff inaccurately, because guess what, not everyone knows everything or is interested in the stuff you like in the same depth. And before you say, "well that's not really excusable in this day and age, since you can just look up everything online", maybe some people WANT to depict dinosaurs in ways different from what science says, NOT BECAUSE they're stupid or anti-science. It's called artistic license for a reason, people! This blog and similarly insufferable attempts to promote palaeontological accuracy by being snide towards people not interested in palaeontology are why most people mock dino-lovers as being "nerds". That said, if I were to run this blog, I would make the effort NOT to mock the people who are wrong (yes, the inaccuracies are objectively wrong. That, I agree with, but the spinosaurus in Monsters Resurrected and the pterosaur from that episode of Gravity Falls are not on the same level of atrocity.) and instead give a simple, friendly, and easily understood explanation with every picture, with emphasis on the differences to what we understand of the real animal (i.e. understand not everybody necessarily cares or knows about dinosaurs in the same depth I do). Reasonability can go a long way if you want people to take your complaints seriously. Now I'm pretty sure my review won't get taken seriously and they'll all mock me as an idiot or an asshole (I have a strong feeling that if the author of the blog sees this review, they'll make a post ridiculing me), but please people, try to be more understanding of those who know less than you do. That's all I'm asking.

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