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11/08/2018 20:50:02 •••

Cartoon is okay but not superb, never reaches the same heights as its screen-time sibling Spongebob

Even as a kid I never really thought highly or much of Fairly Oddparents. I thought it was okay for taking my mind off school and homework for a while, but I never liked it as much as SpongeBob SquarePants. In fact, if it weren't for SpongeBob I wouldn't have watched Fairly because SpongeBob's the reason I came to Nickelodeon.

I got a little tired of the formulaic story that they kept using for every episode - Timmy makes a dumb wish, realizes the consequences of his wish and that it only made his life worse and he comes to accept/appreciate reality for the way it is - and then he wishes to undo his wish. SpongeBob told a completely different and original story every time. My favorite character is Timmy Turner's dad, mainly cause he was so funny. It's ironic how he had a deep manly voice but he did lots of very unmanly to feminine things like enter a beauty pageant for women.

I think the best part of the show is that a 10-year old boy is always subject to torture and humiliation from just about everybody around him. Children can definitely relate to this show because of the disciplinarian nature of their parents and schools.

The most interesting episode of this show in my opinion was The Boy Who would be queen, where Timmy turns into a girl and he starts getting embarrassed even checking out his new biology and genitalia and Wanda doesn't let him turn back into a boy until he accepts the fact that sexism is biased and unfair. This episode inspired a lot of insane fan-art, there's so much porn fan art of female Timmy where she's naked and has real big boobs and ass.

"Fairly" doesn't really have as many funny jokes as SpongeBob does and their drawing style is very simplistic and thinly made. SpongeBob was able to be funny with not just punchlines and philosophical quotes but also funny drawings (mostly facial expressions) of Patrick's "You took my only food!" or "Who you calling pinhead?" or "It's called the ugly barnacle", SpongeBob's "You love Krabby Patties don't ya?" and Squidward's "Does this look unsure?" face. I sometimes thought Fairly ripped off SpongeBob's ideas at times such as when the Bronze Kneecap stole a chicken recipe just like Plankton does with the Krabby Patty.

I'm NOT saying that Fairly Oddparents is a terrible cartoon, I just don't think it's a remarkable one either. It's an okay cartoon, but I can only give it somewhere between a B and a B minus. It's vastly inferior to SpongeBob, that's all I'm saying, especially for failing to provide the same jokes — poking fun at how stupid our society and culture is — that SpongeBob provided.

08/18/2018 00:00:00

Sponge Bob's the reason I came to Nickelodeon.

SpongeBob. As opposed to the quality entertainment from Nickelodeon's 80s - early 2000s era that gave us shows such as: Get Smart (aired during Nick at Nite), You Can't Do That on Television, The Little Koala , and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Everyone's entitled to their opinion about what counts as "good", but the idea that SpongeBob, of all things, is what drew anyone to Nick is saddening.

11/04/2018 00:00:00

Fuck you asshole, go fuck with somebody else\'s feelings.

11/06/2018 00:00:00

...Yeah, okay. That was a reasonable and measured response that was wholly necessary.

"Feelings," though? It's a funny show and that, but it's about as genuinely emotionally resonant as a piece of soggy drywall.

...Which is, I believe, Nickelodeon's corporate mission statement.

11/06/2018 00:00:00

@Khrunwahl02: I'm sorry you feel that way, since I wasn't trying to step on anyone's feelings. If you like the show, fine. I'm simply saying Nick has far better series to offer than Sponge Bob (imo).

11/07/2018 00:00:00

^ You said that the idea that SpongeBob would draw someone to Nickelodeon is \"saddening\".

For the record, SpongeBob has more heart than it\'s given credit for, even though it clearly relies on its humor to carry it. ATLA isn\'t bad by any means, but I do think its overrated; like a lot of \"kids and adults\" material, it tries too hard to pretend it\'s not constrained by its target age group. It will never have the same appeal to me as entertainment that\'s strictly adult-oriented.

11/07/2018 00:00:00

You said the idea that SpongeBob would draw someone to Nickelodeon is "saddening".

Yes, I did say that. It'd be kind of like hearing someone got a library card because of a Dr. Seuss book, when there's far better reading material available to them. It doesn't mean that I find anything wrong with Dr. Seuss, or anyone who likes his books, but it isn't the same as something like The Chronicles of Narnia.

I used ATLA as only one example, but I also mentioned Get Smart! and You Can't Do That on Television (the latter being a kids sketch comedy series that was popular during the late 80s - mid 90s period). I included those two because SpongeBob is also a kids comedy series. The difference being that You Can't Do That on Television often segued into satire and witticism that parents could also appreciate, due to the cleverness of the writing and the delivery. Whereas Get Smart! spoofed spy fiction.

ATLA is also a kids shows, but it still deals with mature subject matter (such as the long-term effects of war, totalitarianism, and genocide) in believable fashion, which is why it gained such a large periphery demographic and went on to win a Peabody Award for it.

All of that said, what anyone likes better/best will always vary and I repect that. That's why I said "imo" at the end of my previous comment.

11/08/2018 00:00:00

You can\'t claim to respect someone\'s opinion and also find it \"saddening\".

11/08/2018 00:00:00

@Robotnik: It's the same as saying, "To each, his own" (i.e. that you can respect someone's opinion without necessarily agreeing with it).

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