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11/23/2018 17:33:13 •••

Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before....

In this Yonkoma adaptation, a ditzy energetic moron and three of her two-dimensional (in more ways than one) friends eat sweets, go to the beach, and grab each others' boobs while expressing an earnest conviction to help each other master the titular club and/or activity that brings them together.

How original!

It's not that Comic Girls is bad. It isn't. But unlike Laidback Camp, which avoided "It's just K-On! again" by getting super-detailed about the activity in question and having a relaxed, woodsy storytelling style that fits the subject matter perfectly, Comic Girls seems like a hodgepodge of Slice of Life tropes thrown into a bin, with no cohesive style or narrative conceit tying them together. There's a Beach Episode! It's a Schoolgirl Series with a Sensei-chan! It's Girls Love! The main character wants glasses to increase her Meganekko appeal! This show spends too much time on these rote tropes instead of focusing on the actual process of making manga, the central activity that's supposed to differentiate it from other K-On clones. It's like TVTropes the Anime: you start with a premise and slowly but surely open up tab after tab of tropes until you can't remember why you came in here. At times, Comic Girls seems like it's trying to parody manga clichés, but it never goes so far over the top it stops being an example of the thing it's parodying. Well, except for the stuff involving Fuura, who—let's be honest—stole the show.

The art is good. The voice acting is good. The jokes are good. The characters are good, even if they're kind of flat. Everything here is good, because the template for this show was perfected long ago. It was made to spec. But it doesn't bother concealing that each episode is two different storylines jammed together, tipping its hand as a by-the-numbers adaptation trying to stuff adapted stories into the show without taking the time to craft them carefully into a satisfying whole.

In the end, if you like this sort of thing, you'll probably like this. But the only strong emotion I could muster was that the characters looked like they walked out of New Game, and consequently how much I want a new season of New Game. Aside from having more endearing, down-to-earth characters, New Game at least remembered that it was supposed to be about developing video games most of the time.

08/04/2018 00:00:00

Maybe it\'s because I haven\'t watched K-On or New Game before this, but I actually enjoyed Comic Girls significantly more than you did, possibly because I wasn\'t comparing it to another show. The most similar series I can think of is Bakuman, but apart from being about making manga, the two aren\'t all that similar.

I wouldn\'t call it an Indecisive Parody- the characters, being manga artists, are simply more aware of the tropes involved in their work, and often enjoy pointing them out or poking fun at them. It\'s a bit like Bakuman in that regard, although Bakuman\'s somewhat more serious.

In the end, I can\'t help but wonder if you came into this expecting a different show from what you ended up actually seeing, which may explain why you spend most of the review talking about the tropes and how much it measures up to other series, while spending a fairly rushed paragraph talking about everything else.

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