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12/30/2018 13:25:14 •••

A Guide to Watching Death Battle

The first, most common, and most egregious mistake everyone makes when watching Death battle is this: they make the assumption that the Wiz and Boomstick are, in fact, trying to analyze who would win in a death battle.

They are not.

yes, even though they say this at the beginning of the episode: "'s our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle."

That is not their job. Get it out of your head, ignore that line completely.

The point of death battle is to provide an entertaining fight animation. Whether this animation actually makes sense or correlates to the characters depicted is coincidence at best.

Their main priorities are:

1. Having a video long enough for monetization on Youtube.

2. Selecting characters that viewers like to talk about

3. Having a long enough fight animation for people to come back and watch more

4. Show off each character's special moves, because that's what the viewers want to see

5. Time and budget constraints.

6-19. Several other factors

20. Accuracy.

There you have it. With that in mind, especially with points #3 and 4 (both of which are also related to #1), you can see why accuracy is bound to suffer. In a "real" death battle, almost any bloodlusted character who is significantly faster than another character will instantly kill them in a single blow before the other can react. This will never ever happen in Death Battle because of points #3 and 4, no matter how realistic or in-character it is. Characters will also use extremely sub-optimal strategies (for example, inefficiently using moves meant for crowds of weak opponents against strong single opponents) because people want to see each character's signature move(s), regardless of whether they would make sense in a 1v1 fight or not. Again, remember point #3 and 4. If one character simply outclasses another character completely in raw strength or durability, that will simply be ignored (unless it's cinematic/flashy enough - again, see Point #4).

Half of the video, where Wiz and Boomstick are doing their "analysis", as well as the post-fight analysis, all boil down to point #1. It pads the video length out. It has little to nothing to do with the actual fight. More than once, they have contradicted their own reasoning. It doesn't matter. It's cheap on budget (point #5) and helps with point #1.

Now you know why accuracy is down at #20 or so, sit back and enjoy some fun fight animation. You can also save some time by skipping half the video where they do the "analysis" because it's actually completely unrelated to the fight itself.

If you forget this guide and believe Death Battle is about accurate analysis, it is easily a 2/10 show. If you remember this guide and remember it's about wacky pairings and animation ONLY, it's easily 8/10.

06/13/2018 00:00:00

If you forget this guide and believe Death Battle is about accurate analysis, it is easily a 2/10 show. If you remember this guide and remember it's about wacky pairings and animation ONLY, it's easily 8/10.

Soooo, just watch Hyun's Dojo then? got it.

06/15/2018 00:00:00

You can also save some time by skipping half the video where the do the analysis because it's actually completely unrelated to the fight itself.

Don't I know it. That's why I decided to save even more time by just not watching it at all.

06/17/2018 00:00:00

I mean, I get what you\'re trying to say but the Cast, commentaries, several forum posts and even a gag reel show that Ben and Chad do try to at least get the right result. They just aren\'t very good at VS debating. Then there\'s the fact that some people watch death battle to learn about characters they don\'t know meaning there is an added bonus to watching the analysis. The animation will typically feature things mentioned in the analysis with one example being Lara\'s helicopter feat.

Also \"selecting characters that viewers like to talk about\" is in the wrong position. I mean just ask He-Man, Bucky, Smokey, Mc Gruff, any of the MLP characters etc. I agree that it certainly impacts how death battle is handled in a big way but the fact that they aren\'t afraid to use obscure and/or base breaking characters means they\'re more interesting in making an entertaining fight.

other than that, I agree completely. If you\'re looking for an accurate scale of a character\'s power and how they would fare against other characters, look at literally any other VS forum. Death Battle and subsequently all other VS shows may try to get the right result but their main priority is to entertain an audience. The VS community is comparatively small compared to the millions that watch these fights.

08/21/2018 00:00:00

So ignore something they state as fact. Makes total sense.

08/22/2018 00:00:00

Yeah, it\'s called lying. You might have heard of the concept.

12/30/2018 00:00:00

You hit the nail on the head. Like, I watched Pit vs Sora on Death Battle out of bile fascination, having already seen it done by cartoon fight club. Someone in the video's comment section even started an argument over Cartoon Fight Club already doing a better researched video. I was curious what exactly Death Battle could do with a match up I thought was so conclusively decided already, and the answer was give us a better animated fight scene.

Mega Man vs Atro Boy, there's a one sided match up if I ever saw one. Not even Mega Man Trigger, Mega Man X or what not, just plain "classic" Mega Man, and not even that but "classic" Mega Man vs upgraded Astro Boy. That's like spitting on a fire storm! But the fight scene was entertaining(and much closer than it had any right being, but entertaining nonetheless)

Spyro The Dragon vs Crash Bandicoot, the single most powerful incarnation of the Dragon vs uh, Crash got back up after being hit by a bunch of wooden crates? No, stop pretending this is even remotely close and get to fight scene already!

Sometimes I think a fight is unfairly skewed to give a weaker character a chance at winning (people debated Link vs Cloud because of console wars. Cloud was from the first Final Fantasy game to completely skip a Nintendo console and Ocarina Of Time was the biggest fantasy hit on the Nintendo 64. If people actually cared about who would win in a fight they'd be arguing A Link To The Past hero vs Cloud.

Sometimes I just think they got it wrong. Like everything I've seen them do involving Dragon Ball, even those where I agreed with the outcome, had really shaky reasoning(Android 18 can possibly survive building level attacks? What does that even mean?) But yeah, if you just watch for the fight scene, Death Battle is good work. There are more interesting, versatile, consistently accurate analysts on youtube, and few if any have fights as good or funny as Death Battle's. Sometimes Death Battle's analysis segments are fun when they break down feats that should be largely irrelevant to the fight at hand. I've learned things, not related to how x would beat y but how to roughly estimate the weight and density of random bits of wreckage based on the shadows they cast(even when the equations themselves are wrong, or the understanding of what the materials are present is spotty, the methods seem valid). Still, there are series where people can be faster than a speeding bullet and those where they can't. Batman vs Superman was pretty ridiculous before Superman gained the ability to fly while shooting lasers from his eyes. I usually ignore videos that are seemingly recreating Spider-man vs Firelord but, you know, Bile Fascination occasionally kicks in.

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