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01/01/2019 19:46:14 •••

Ambitious, Promising, but Deeply Flawed

When I first saw the promotions for Saurian I was blown away. Finally, a dinogame for Paleofans! (Looking at you Ark- you know what you did) The prospect of playing as one of four dinosaurs in an accurately recreated Hell's Creek in the Maastrichian - the most iconic of all Dinosaur periods and places- was too good to pass up.

When the game finally entered Early Access on Steam I HAD to pick it up right away, and while there wasn't much to do, I had a good time as a Dakotaraptor hunting prey- once I managed to get past the many bugs expected of an early access game, naturally. I put it away for a while, knowing I'd blown through all the game had to offer, and planned to wait until they gave it some major content updates in a few months to continue.

However, it's been almost a year now and there have been no major content updates (Unlocking any of the three other starter dinosaurs), very few if any bug-patches (Catching small prey is still preposterously difficult as a hatchling and absurdly dangerous as a full adult), and nothing new to do with Dakotaraptor (There remains nothing to the game but eating and drinking- no breeding mechanics or anything similar.)

I want to love this game, and if the devs are able to right this train, I'm sure I will. But as of right now it looks to be going the way of nearly all Early Access games- big promises, small delivery.

01/01/2019 00:00:00

...why the hell are you leaving a review for an early access title?

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