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06/03/2018 22:16:20 •••

Crocodile: Is Simplicity a Benefit?

The episode "Crocodile" seems to have, taking a wide view, one fatal flaw: it's premise is very simple. It focuses on the fuck-up potential of one device in one part of a criminal search, perhaps being an overly-narrow story in general (and much more zoomed-in than other episodes), but certainly very simple. It could be covered in a few minutes, really, and the bigger story could be said to be missed out on.

However, it is redeemed by the wonderful performance of Andrea Riseborough as Mia, turning into a character-driven episode that can be seen to ditch the nightmare potential of Black Mirror to take one drop of a possibly-corrupt judicial system and expand upon her. Mia's journey could be so much longer, and it's great to see the show return to its humanistic concerns from earlier episodes.

In fact, it may the story's general lack of depth that gives more breathing room for Riseborough to invade with her performance and keep the attention focussed on what she will do next, not what the story might bring.

Overall, a very interesting episode, with great talent. Somehow, Mia is more likeable than Shazia, but that's the nature of Black Mirror, I guess.

06/03/2018 00:00:00

Andrea Riseborough might be one of the most versatile actresses working today. She can play it so many different ways. I didn\'t find her character more likable than Shazia, for obvious reasons, but her performance is easily the episode\'s biggest strength. And you\'re right, Crocodile is more in line with the earlier episodes, especially the first season, as opposed to the later stuff which is more focused on high concepts.

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