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Reviews WesternAnimation / The Backyardigans

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05/16/2018 15:37:01 •••

Reasons this show is awesome

1. The music is stellar. 2. The settings are creative. 3. Itís not that godawful show known as My Little Pony.

05/16/2018 00:00:00

If not being the Pony Cultist Brainwashing Flour Hour constituted 1/3 of a prerequisite for being an awesome show, television programming would consist of 99.99999999993% shows deigned objectively awesome. Something which is obviously not the case.

While your woken sentiment is appreciated, it operates on an overly hyperbolic and nonsensical sense of logic that only serves to undermine our glorious cause of righteousness. A victory not achieved through intellectual, spiritual, and conscientious superiority is not a victory worth celebrating.

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