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05/29/2019 12:53:52 •••


Isekai series are really scraping the bottom of the barrel when they have to pull premises from grindhouse exploitation films that would have likely have the parents arrested if they were ever made in live-action. Youjo Senki is one of those off the wall premises that fails to comprehend what direction it wants to take itself, but rather jumps around the internet from its sheer spectacle, rather than possessing anything approaching depth.

An atheist dies and God throws a hissy fit about how he won't believe in him. By which I mean, originally Shinto, but let's throw in some Christian elements so we don't piss them our native audience too much, psychotic manchild God. Its surprising how this series gleefully partakes in victim blaming and the disposal of low ranked ally soldiers, but is afraid to step on the toes of certain religious sensibilities. I remember various mythologies involving reincarnation that often had the heretic reincarnated as rabbits, insects, or worms but apparently God is amazingly both competent enough to reincarnate her as an eleven year old girl and incompetent enough to give her super powers to fight him, starting this insipid war by proxy. Let's be honest here, the only real God in this series is the God of merchandising, as the author knew this exploitative violence series would sell better to hardcore military otaku with a loli protagonist.

The show is about military strategy, through morale, tactics, and politics. Except that Tanya is an eleven year old girl in a patriarchal authoritarian regime. Heck, she's the first girl to rise to 1st lieutenant. Its like getting Doc Mc Stuffins to lead the US 82 Airborne Division during the Vietnam War. Equality advertised doesn't mean equality fully respected, especially when their are no peers representing other parties. Youjo Senki uses physics to describe the faults in enemy movement, but magics everything else away. Why her arms are able to carry a gun, magic, able to shoot ridiculous distances, magic, why her body isn't snapping to pieces from sheer air pressure, magic. You can't lecture military commentary and have an overpowered protagonist powered by God steamroll an army at the same time.

Whatever half-hearted message the series tries to make about war is lost between the chest-pounding jingoism and the sheer apathy of the main character. The civilians are faceless redshirts, the opposition are lifeless target practice, and the allies are little more obligatory quest givers. Tanya's tautological templar attitude is rewarded because the real god (the author) has the story in his hands There is no opportunity for morally gray quandaries or legitimate tension as Tanya's perspective requires her to win or die. Youjo Senki is pornography for bullies, shock value with no substance.

10/02/2018 00:00:00

I think you forgot how she\'s also a psychotic Drill Sergeant Nasty when she\'s placed in charge of training a squadron, except when they start to snap they somehow start thinking she\'s great and inspiring. It\'s nothing but a story about a Villain Sue.

05/29/2019 00:00:00

Depth? You have a freaking nazi loli Killing soldiers with rifles AND magic. What is more badass and unique than that? Now go out there and listen to the theme song. Its awesome.

05/29/2019 00:00:00

You have a freaking nazi loli Killing soldiers with rifles AND magic. What is more badass and unique than that?

... About 94% of what has been created in comic books?

05/29/2019 00:00:00

I have to agree with Immortalbear. There is some entertainment value in a psychotic little girl killing soldiers with heavy guns, but even with the exploitation angle the show shoots itself in the foot. Most of the show is backstory and rear-line politics that are impossible to take seriously. Everyone but Tanya is a non-entity. The art is detailed but drab and the designs not worth much. Even the battles have no tactical depth and are all \"Tanya wins just because\". And because she\'s eleven, they (thankfully) don\'t sexualise her. The show has some good parts, but they are fighting against each other.

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