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04/27/2018 22:43:01 •••

A classic that has easily held up over time.

(Disclaimer: I have never played this game before about a month ago. I am neither finished nor very good, but I do know the plot.)

Resident Evil 2 was my... third or fourth RE game, depending on your definition of "played". It's also the oldest one I've touched. However, in the areas it can be reasonably expected to, it holds up to its successors. (Of course the voice acting and graphics are worse than 0, time marches on- that can't be helped.)

The gameplay is solid (getting used to tank controls is another story), the difficulty is a challenge, and the story is fantastic, being one of the few horror games with genuinely emotional elements, and probably one of the first. Having four distinct stories gives it quite a bit of replay value.

While the voice acting is, for the most part, what you'd expect from a game that came out in the 90s, it's a massive improvement over the first. There are actually a few performances that I would consider good; Sally Cahill as Ada sells her (occasionally very odd) dialogue perfectly; most fans seem to regard her as THE Ada, and it's not hard to tell why. Alyson Court as Claire is also good, and Paul Haddad is at least competent.

In summary, this game is still worth playing, and easily worth the roughly five bucks it costs on PSN.

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