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03/02/2018 14:51:28

Quick Reviews: Season Four Part 2 Flagged

Let's finish up this review shall we?

Naruto vs. Ichigo: 9/10. I'll admit. I'm being a little bias giving it a 9/10 because I usually don't rate sprite D Bs that high. However, this DB was very fun and very awesome! Tons of people wanted Ichigo to win but I didn't mind Naruto as he was my pick!

Batman Beyond vs. Spider Man 2009: ???/10. Sorry. I was so tired of Marvel vs. DC DBS and it was basically Spider Man vs. Batman Part 2 that I didn't even watch it.

Vergil vs. Sephiroth: 9/10. Very awesome db with a lot of action. DB did do their homework on Seph and I knew he was gonna win since he was sorta unkillable.

And that is my review! As I said, Power Rangers vs. Voltron is the best DB of Season 4 in my opinion while Lucario vs. Renamon was the worst. Season 5 seems to doing well for the most part so far. Anyway, better get back to doing some work. Later!

03/02/2018 00:00:00

You do know that multi-part reviews will be deleted on sight, right? They told you that on the page where you submit your review.

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