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02/14/2018 18:44:30 •••


One of the more entertaining Youtubers. Comes up with hilarious voices for characters in the games he plays.

02/13/2018 00:00:00

I was expecting a bit of a longer review from you, you seem like a big fan of the guy!

02/13/2018 00:00:00

I actually just realized the Reviews page was even a thing on TV Tropes, and I felt this specific page could use just a bit of positivity to balance out the negativity someone else had left.

02/13/2018 00:00:00

Wouldn't it be more constructive to write an actual in-depth review of insightfulness and salience rather than what amounts to below-average Twitter posts? Just flip-turning the other review upside down seems a bit snippy. No matter the underlying opinion, they're both wasted opportunities at making an actually good review.

02/13/2018 00:00:00

This is more or less the inverse of the other \"review\" on NicoB. Instead of taking the easy way out, you should see it as an opportunity to counter the dismissive one-liner with an in-depth exploration of why NicoB is so entertaining, thus giving a more convincing counter-argument that readers are more likely to listen to. As it stands now, neither review is very useful, and there\'s a golden opportunity to rectify that.

02/14/2018 00:00:00

While I see both your points, I don't think these reviews would actually influence anyone's view of Nico much. People are most likely to form an opinion of him from watching his content themselves or interacting with his fan community, and most visitors to this page probably have fairly defined feelings about him already. The only reason I posted a review at all was because it seemed skewed for the only official review here to be a negative one.

Also kind of a side note, but I've actually written quite a bit about Nico for this page already. The entire description (above the list of tropes) was done by me, and parts of it could possibly be considered a more legitimate review of him.

02/14/2018 00:00:00

You\'re right, those two reviews won\'t influence people\'s views, but that\'s because they don\'t say anything.

I have no idea who NicoB is, and he seems to have hundreds of videos. Rather than me spending a chunk of my time figuring out if his stuff is good, only to get annoyed and stop watching, you could perhaps use your review to recommend a good place to start, or a particular stand out video series of his that exemplifies what makes his stuff worth watching? Why him and not some other lets player?

02/14/2018 00:00:00

The main TV Tropes page already lists his core series among all the other games he's played, and the main description at the top already points out some unique aspects of his commentary. Odds are someone new to Nico would skim over the starting page before looking at different tabs like this one.

02/14/2018 00:00:00

Random Browser 347,

The purpose of a review is threefold- to inform readers about a work, make a judgment on its quality, and help the reader decide whether the work is worth their time and/or money. Unfortunately, many reviews only focus on the second part- readers thus come away from the review knowing the author\'s opinion, but not learning much more about the work itself (particularly if the review has many statements that aren\'t well-supported).

So how does this review fare? It doesn\'t say much about NicoB, not even that he does Let\'s Plays, and the only detail is on one very minor aspect of his work. It calls him entertaining, but while that\'s unequivocally positive, it\'s not very descriptive as far as judgments go. You can tell that it\'s a recommendation in favor of watching him, but it has little to suggest who would like it, apart from people who like \"entertaining\" Youtubers with \"hilarious voices.\"

It\'s true that most people have defined feelings about NicoB already, but this isn\'t for them- their role is to comment and tell the reviewer how accurate their description is, while also sharing their own opinions. The point of the review is to give people an idea of what to expect without their having to invest time watching his videos. If a review that\'s less than 3,000 characters long and can be read in a minute or two saves someone from reading a book with tens of thousands of words or watching a two-hour movie that they ultimately won\'t enjoy(or points them to one that they will enjoy), it\'s done its job. This one, however, indicates little more that the reviewer likes NicoB\'s work- of course, so do many others- but gives few reasons as to why it is worth the readers\' time, and thus does not serve a very useful purpose.

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