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02/06/2018 14:58:36 •••

Strong Start, Compelling Middle, Mixed Ending

This series starts and continues quite well but starts running into some real problems by the end.

It's really dark, and throws a lot at the characters, but it's all contextualized really well. As we move through the story however, it starts to accelerate beyond what the narrative can really keep up with, culminating with a time skip that kind of crashes the story's pacing and balance.

You're riding on the character interactions and slow burn development and plot, when it just kind of jumps away from all that and never returns. Suddenly there are some *huge* changes or developments which you'd think the characters or author would address, but they're just skipped over and sometimes never brought up again (who's Aster?). Characters seem to stop reacting to things.

The world gets bigger, which sounds good, but it loses focus of the characters along the way, so we go from a very grounded intimate look of a team of relatably dark supervillains to what feels like weird Nextwave. Things happen, people explode, and nobody talks about what happens after or before.

I wasn't too bothered by the ending itself; I liked the last few lines a lot, but I really felt by the end that the story was both too long and too short at the same time.

02/05/2018 00:00:00

A pretty accurate assesment. I love the final battle with spoilers and feel the way they took the bastard down made sense

02/06/2018 00:00:00

My favorite part about the last battle is how Taylor brings together the most formidable army in the...multiverse? And it seems to justify the whole \"might = right or at least necessary\" things that Cauldron believed and all the darker impulses story seemed to be leading to...and then it fails and the answer was provided by the street level Undersiders.

Like, Cauldron was wrong, Taylor\'s Ubermensch side was wrong, force wasn\'t the real answer, what it took was some human insight. That was some good stuff.

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