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01/19/2019 20:31:39

Absolutely atrocious, appalling, cancerous excuse for a show Flagged

Y’know, the funny thing about shows that teach us about friendship is that they typically don’t have the word “friendship” in the title — they don’t need to because they actually SHOW they’re all about friendship without needing to TELL us. But not this, either in or out of universe. Here’s why.

Let’s look at the episode Magic Duel. Lauren Faust wanted this episode pulled, but of course the showrunners went through with it anyway because how else are you going to bring back the witch Trixie so bronies can write porn of her and jack off to Trixie plushies? What the showrunners did is just plain scummy to the person who gave us what could have remained a good show had it continued in the right way.

Now from an in-universe perspective. Trixie uses the Alicorn Amulet to remove Pinkie Pie’s mouth, and never give it back for the rest of the episode, even leaving her that way when she returns the others to normal. And we’re supposed to find it FUNNY. It gets worse, because Trixie faces no punishment for what she did (she may have been corrupted, but she is still responsible because she chose to wear the amulet). It doesn’t even seem to matter to anyone later that Pinkie hasn’t been returned to normal, even though she was one of the ponies who helped save Twilight’s ungrateful ass and defeat Trixie. It is the most sickening display of phony righteousness I’ve ever seen in any show. Does it seem fair to you that Pinkie had to deal with not being able to eat or speak but nothing bad happened to Trixie? Pinkie would have FUCKING STARVED TO DEATH if she hadn’t had her mouth returned eventually.

Following Trixie’s defeat, we get a timeskip to Twilight putting on a show for some foreigners. That’s right, she felt THAT was a bigger priority than putting Pinkie’s mouth back on. That’s the least you could do after she helped you like any GOOD friend would, you spoilt little shit. Answer me this: why exactly did Twilight wait so long?

If she forgot, then she is negligent and irresponsible.

If she wanted Pinkie to shut up, then she mistreats her “friends” for her own convenience.


And how about the episode Flutter Brutter where Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy ignore Pinkie while she’s trying to get their attention and calling, “It’s me! Your friend!”?

TL;DR: This disingenuous show fails at teaching about friendship because it routinely mistreats Pinkie for laughs, even though she never means any harm to anyone, not even those who hurt her. Yes, she makes mistakes, and those mistakes have consequences, but she never means it and is immediately sorry for it.

The lesson this show teaches:

“You can be an asshole and not face any consequences for it.”

This show is far more cynical underneath the surface than bronies want you to believe.

If you want to abuse characters for laughs, go ahead — just be honest and don’t do it while pretending to run a good-hearted, decent show.

01/23/2018 00:00:00

Slow clap

Thanks for being an everyday hero. I suppose it would be redundant to tell you to expect nothing but vitriolic knee-jerk reprisals from people who would rather explode internally than ever acknowledge any flaw in their religion favourite show.

Ain't friendship magical?

01/23/2018 00:00:00

The part with Trixie porn was kind of uncalled for, but I do have to agree that when one stops to think about it, there\'s numerous instances of the show failing to adhere to its own desires of being about friendship.

Then again, for the longest time it\'s been clear to me that the writing of the show is rather flawed and rather inconsistent, which kept becoming a bigger and bigger problem for me as the show went on, until eventually a few... highly questionable... decisions made me give up on it altogether.

01/24/2018 00:00:00

... I really don't get the hatred on display in this review section, with all these people constantly bashing both this show and its fans in completely disproportionate ways, and people applauding them for it. I mean, sure, this show isn't the greatest thing ever, but come on, it's not that horrible! And not all their fans are creepy or disgusting. Hype Aversion, much?

Anyway, regardless, that review confuses me. You classify it as reviewing the entire show, and yet most of your complains are based on a single episode (and one the creator of the show didn't want highlighted, no less). That seems a bit unfair to me.

01/24/2018 00:00:00

Speaking as a non-fan of this show, the porn part didn't need to be brought up.

08/27/2018 00:00:00

I don\'t care about this show at all, but you are the exact kind of person who thinks \"hatred\" and \"criticism\" are equivalent. Never review anything again.

01/19/2019 00:00:00

you are very confused. You are supposed to review the show in general, not just one episode.

01/19/2019 00:00:00

I agree with Hammer Of Justice. I\'m just here for the title, as one can see it\'s one of those reviews.

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