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01/09/2018 16:31:49 •••

A life-ruining experience indeed.

LISA is an interesting game. It's got an engaging combo-system, a plethora of quirky, expendable characters (and oh, the game loves to remind you that they're expendable), some serious choices that leave the player thinking, and is practically emitting dark themes from start to finish. I haven't got much to say that hasn't already been said already in the other reviews, but have two things to note:

First of all, despite the choices the story remained linear. I know that it can be extremely difficult to write this type of story just cause of the sheer amount of writing, but still - the ending is still the same.

Second of all, regarding spoilers. I came into the game even slightly spoiled by reading the TV Tropes page and that definitely impacted my game experience. I won't expend the details, but a certain recurring element that would've otherwise been "wtf is he hallucinating?" moments suddenly felt more common just because I understood them.

So, word of warning if it isn't too late: LISA is best enjoyed with practically no knowledge of the game beforehand. It WILL leave an impact on you after you're done, though. That's for sure.

Ultimately? LISA's like a drug, just like those little blue Joy pills. You know it's going to find some way to traumatize you, and yet you keep going back to it.

01/09/2018 00:00:00

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